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00 after the! Have you ever heard of the use of flowers stained nails in fact, at the beginning of this topic to see the small series is rejected, because this is a topic of exposure to age. Age slightly a little bit bigger girls know in this world there is a plant called "nail grass", in that no nail polish’s (really don’t want to say), will use this nail for nail dyeing grass. To the modern nail polish, but always because of a variety of reports that nail polish in what what kind of material will be toxic content, so that more people miss that nothing. Hyoyeon summer love Manicure 4 step rainbow pattern draw water today, small make up with all the young girls look at that time is how to use henna flowers. We have a biology lesson of this plant is mentioned above the "nail grass", called impatiens. This flower has many colors, mostly pink orange red. After biology class, we started to dye our nails. You need to prepare the materials are Impatiens petals and leaves. Next, the flower petals and leaves together, to remember a certain period do not add water.相关的主题文章: