This week, the temperature around Shanxi will gradually reduce the number of scattered light rain 女f4

This week, Shanxi will gradually reduce the temperature around the more disperse rain affected by frontal cyclone, upper trough and low-level shear line, this week will have the effect of two cold air in our province, respectively, in 14 to 15 days, 18 days to 19 days, when the temperature drops, more disperse rain. 14 to the night of the 15 day of the day, sunny cloudy in the north, central and southern sunny turn cloudy, southern part of the rain. The 16 day, the province cloudy day, the morning in central and southern parts of a mild haze or fog. 17, the province cloudy to cloudy, there are scattered light rain. 18, the province cloudy, the northern part of the local light rain. 19, the province cloudy to sunny, there are about 4 easterly. 21 to 22, the province will be affected by a strong cold air. Meteorological experts suggest that, along with the increasing of cold air activity enhanced, the province around the minimum temperature will be gradually reduced, South Central farmers should always pay attention to local weather forecasts, timely harvest autumn cabbage and other outdoor vegetables; windy cool weather is unfavorable to agricultural production, farmers need to wind reinforcement and insulation. At present, our province has begun heating in winter, it is recommended that all localities do a good job of energy scheduling and supply. (source: Shanxi Daily reporter Zhang Xiaomin)相关的主题文章: