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The typhoon "catfish" approaching Fujian Quanzhou all schools closed for 3 days – Beijing, Beijing, September 26 Quanzhou Xinhua (reporter Sun Hong) the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" gradually approaching, will bring serious influence to the Fujian Quanzhou storm. 26 reporters from the flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters Office of the Quanzhou Municipal People’s government to understand, 27 – 29, Quanzhou City, all colleges and universities, schools, kindergartens and various training classes are closed, in order to ensure the safety of teachers and students. 26 at 9 am, Quanzhou start typhoon III response. The reporter understands, typhoon "catfish" to similar "Meranti" direction, the future development trend is very likely to cause serious impact on Quanzhou, the disaster and "Meranti" produce additive effect. The typhoon "catfish effect", since the evening of 26 Quanzhou coast will appear 8 – 9 northeast wind. According to the defense requirements, day 10, aquaculture rafts elderly women and children personnel must evacuate ashore; before 15, marine aquaculture and Fisheries row ashore all the evacuation of all personnel; before 16, the city’s all sea fishing vessels (including small fishing boats, kayaks, small boats, no foam ship), as well as the past the merchant ships, work boats, ships etc. all inbound shelter before 22; fishing boats back to harbor, the evacuation of all personnel ashore. According to the requirements, 26 days before 18, the city of Quanzhou all tourist attractions, parks, beach, farmhouse, food stalls, forest home and coastal ports, docks, ferry dangerous coast to be shut, and timely evacuation of tourists; Stephen Kim routes suspended outage. 27 days before 8, water conservancy, water engineering and construction sites in the city to build all the downtime and ensure the implementation of emergency safeguard measures the transfer of construction personnel and construction equipment ready for evacuation and flood risk. Construction units to arrange the unit leadership and technical personnel on duty and the implementation of emergency equipment, the project owner is responsible for the implementation of the unit in place. 27 days before 18, living in low-lying areas, construction sites, coastal, Linjiang, Lin Xi, flood risk areas, small hydropower station, dilapidated housing, temporary housing, industrial and mining enterprises, geological disaster point, recycling station, migrant workers live in concentrated areas and other dangerous areas to the masses, all safety transfer in place, and do a good job placement and service work. (end)相关的主题文章: