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104 thousand and 900 from the sale of Chery! AI Ruize 7e Shenzhen in August 27th, Chery’s first dual engine hybrid products 7e AI Ruize announced in Shenzhen Southern China district conference market, marking the Chery plug-in hybrid to fully enter the Southern China market, with excellent performance, the leading technology of the new hybrid models for consumers in Southern China. Chery Yi Ruize 7e official guide price models (million yuan) after deducting subsidies to the lowest price respect version 21.29 version 19.29 14.79 to enjoy the 12.79 Zisun edition 17.99 11.49 tab: Phoenix car dynamic opening dance, the conference opened the prelude, the audience waiting for the upcoming Ai Rui Ze 7e leading global hybrid Chery technology first dual engine hybrid models 7e Chery Yi Ruize into the strategy of "2 stage" to build the first dual engine hybrid vehicle, by Chery completely independent innovation, the dual engine hybrid technology using ESS technology of hybrid systems in the world looking, with P2 single motor in parallel, simple structure and higher efficiency, which is China brand only using hybrid technology and the same international luxury brand, and the battery system of the vehicle has 8 years of the 120 thousand km long warranty period So that consumers have a comprehensive peace of mind protection. Deputy general manager of Chery Automobile Marketing Company Zhanjiang first Cham for AI Ruize 7e listing conference speech as a plug-in hybrid, AI Ruize 7e can meet the demand of charge and discharge in a very cold and very hot environment, stable and reliable. The performance, Yi Ruize real 7e comprehensive fuel consumption per hundred kilometers only 1.9L, endurance of up to 930 kilometers, pure electric mode can travel 50 kilometers, comprehensive leading peer models in fuel consumption and life, provides a hybrid more excellent performance for consumers.   Deputy General Manager of Chery Automobile Marketing Company Zhanjiang sum of Chery automobile marketing company general manager of the Southern China region jointly opened   total Zhai Yi Ruize 7e mystery; Chery automobile marketing company product director Cao Tingcao announced the total price 7e 7e AI Ruize AI Ruize first owners delivery ceremony of Yi Ruize 7e use the 16 inch double color wheels exquisite fashion, as well as the LED daytime driving lights, LED dual band taillights, electrically adjustable outside rear-view mirror, rearview mirror heating, with models are also equipped with dual mode pinch electric sunroof. There is AI Ruize 7e, no longer for the Guangdong B card trouble free film licensing purchase tax-free!! send Guangdong B brand of romance and surprises will begin in Shenzhen City, the first AI Ruize 7e owners proposed link surprises, moved full of caring for the Chery Chery manufacturers led the old owners and the media friends to celebrate Chery factory leaders and media friends, old and new owners of common photo, green science and technology leading the future blessings of AI Ruize 7e sold the Chery launched the first plug-in hybrid by consumers and the media attention, the vehicle hybrid system uses the ESS technology of hybrid systems in the world looking, has long battery life of 930 km. Prior to this, the media has revealed AI Ruize 7e 100 km fuel consumption is 2.2L, and Chery recently released the car相关的主题文章: