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95 after the engagement to mention cars, why choose Chevrolet Kewozi? – Sohu car following "go SUV" Forum Highlights: my name is Chen, 95, a very ordinary boy. Like cars, like driving. I’m from Nantong. I work in Changzhou. Last year, a Changzhou girl, really is the fate of the block can not stop, the new year to take home. This year has been engaged. Then began to negotiate a car. In April at the major automobile forum began to look at the car, because I want to buy SUV, listen to Uncle brick spoke for a long time the car in "go SUV". 1 the car just started to pay attention to the process of Bo listed for a long time, found the automatic car budget is not enough, at this time, the imperial GS turned out, it took all my attention and love, I started to know the car together to SUV. 4 in the middle of the month, GS has not yet listed, they went to the 4S shop to pay 500 of the intention. Listed price is not a surprise, but it is expected. At this time I hesitated, do the first batch of mice good? On hand the funds are not in place. Just wait until 7 months, before going to the 4S store model set, pay 3000 deposit. Written on the contract, within 60 days to see the car. Wait to start until early September, so excited, and half a month to take the car. I phoned my sales, he said in September estimated the game, he has the order of June did not pay the car yet, FML, instantly ignorant force. Then I said, when the car can not pay, I would like to refund the deposit, sales also agreed, so, I began to choose the road car. As a result of the transfer of work, I work in Yixing for the time being, so almost every day to go straight to the financial work of the car city. Also saw a lot of cars: DX7, CS75, H2, vision SUV… Speak the truth, when I choose a car first, think I will buy SUV, but in fact I repeatedly car, almost all drive economy car: Lavida, Santana, Xin Dong, Ke Luzi classic and so on, compared to SUV, I feel the seat height adjustment after the fact can also feel the sight. It is also considering the car fuel economy, good raise, then began to observe the car. Citroen C4, AI 5, sharp, collar, 3. Until the 7 or so, in going to the SUV forum to see a Kewozi, the eyes of the price, affordable configuration and known as the 5.8L KM of fuel, I have a little heart, but to see the comments below, I am drunk, that is the Excelle lift with Wuling engine, English speaking platform so, I was a little hesitant. 2 car experience September 9th afternoon, I walked from the Citroen 4S store, I went to the door to look at the modern, dynamic collar. Oh, from the door, to my car, I stood on the desk to see the publicity alone configuration, for 10 minutes, and everyone is busy with work, pick up things, much worse, admire, I go, I swear in this life will not buy cars! It is 5:30 to go out, I looked at the door next to the Chevrolet, anyway, went to the door, go in to look at it, a beautiful woman carrying a bag out of the door (should be off) to see me come in. She immediately called another person to receive. Come out a little.相关的主题文章: