In October, I – Diwali Carnival – Sohu in India Tourism 若槻ゆうか

In October, I was in India Carnival – Diwali – Sohu travel this year Diwali is October 30th, this is a good chance you do wrong travel season!! As everyone knows the Diwali festival also called Deepavali, also known as the India Lantern Festival or Deepavali, Hindu, Sikh and Jain (QI) that "dark from light" to defeat the evil kind festival of Diwali in October every year or 11 months, five days to celebrate, people will exchange gifts, fireworks and lit butter lamps (or hang lanterns) to help Rama from exile to illuminate the way home, this is one of the three major festivals in India. Although the Diwali festival is an important festival in Hinduism, but some Buddhists will celebrate this holiday. In India in order to meet the Diwali in India, every family will be lit candles or oil lamps, because they symbolize infinite light, glory and happiness. On the last day of lunar new year in India (one day is equivalent to the Gregorian calendar in October before and after the fireworks festival) and various lights will illuminate the dark night, this is about 1 billion of the world’s India Christians are celebrating a festival of Diwali lights. Diwali is one of the most widely celebrated festival in the world, India, Fiji, Nepal and Trinidad Island, it is a national holiday. In the vast India, around the celebration of Diwali reasons vary, the north is to celebrate the Hindu God led the soldiers triumph; the south is to kill the devil is. Although about the origin of Diwali Public opinions are divergent. everywhere, but most people still agree that Diwali five day is to celebrate the good triumphs over evil, light, darkness to ignorance of knowledge. Diwali symbolizes humanity beat the darkness, is a loving, joyful celebration, but the Diwali festival is the highlight of the evening, as long as there is a Hindu temple, will be long queues of Hindu devotees will come to light blessing, exchange gifts, release fireworks everywhere, everywhere for hilarity, even if you are not Hinduism, also be infected by the hilarious atmosphere, could not help but join together to celebrate.相关的主题文章: