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The new president’s first visit to the Philippines ASEAN or Japan intends to strengthen military cooperation – Philippines news Sohu President Duthel Te according to Japan’s "Nikkei Asian review" reported on September 22nd, President Duthel Te of Philippines is a October visit to Japan and Japan consultations. If it does, it will be Walter since June 30th this year after taking office for the first time visit to ASEAN countries. Reported that Tuttle hereby visit to Japan aims to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the field of maritime security. Reported that the Philippines from both government sources confirmed that Walter talks with Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo has been put on the schedule, is expected to the so-called "arbitration talks will be related to the July international arbitration tribunal made on the South China sea". After according to the British "Financial Times" reported on September 6th, said Andouble to attend the East Asia Summit in Laos, will provide two large patrol boats and five reconnaissance aircraft to the Philippines in yen loans, to further strengthen cooperation in the field of marine security philippines. According to the government of Philippines, is also prepared to visit this month, the same as the South China Sea territorial claims to china. "Japanese economic news" 22 reported that, although Duthel Te said in a statement to cooperate with Japan and the United States on security, but also to take into account China’s. The Japanese side hopes to grab the first visit to China before Duthel Te’s visit to Japan, in order to prevent China’s economic assistance through the implementation of the Philippines. The report also pointed out that the manufacturing sector as the center called on Japanese companies to invest in the Philippines will also be the focus of Duthel Te’s visit. According to the Nikkei Asia review, Philippines, with a population of about 100 million, has maintained a high economic growth rate of around 6% a year in recent years, and is one of the leading economies in asia. Philippines government intends to attract foreign investment enterprises to invest in the local city, to create the industry, providing jobs to further accelerate the pace of development. The director of the Philippines State Department of economic development Pernia (Ernesto Pernia) said that if Walter successfully promote the public security, then Philippines’s investment environment will be greatly improved, clearly, foreign investors will also be "into Philippines". Pernia said, looking forward to have stationed in Philippines more than 1 thousand and 400 Japanese companies to further expand investment. However, reports also quoted a Japanese bank official said, "if (Philippines government) continue to ignore the law wanton killings (drug dealers), then Philippines’s image will be greatly reduced, the investment may drift away." To this end, Duthel Te also hope to eliminate this concern in Japan’s visit to japan. Previously, the Indu ter Te regime killed in the fight against drug traffickers to allow related suspects, by the United Nations and the United States condemned the US Philippine relations once cooled, Duthel Te accused critics say "this is the interference in internal affairs". During the ASEAN Summit held in Laos at the beginning of September, President Obama and Duthel Te scheduled the meeting was canceled. After returning to Philippines in September 10th after the ASEAN summit, Duthel Te said that Philippines will follow an independent foreign policy, any country can not be allowed to.相关的主题文章: