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To the southern town of Zhangjiagang, listening to a piece of ancient rhyme leisurely Heyang folk song – Sohu of South Phoenix tourism, culture has a long history, the splendid culture hidden in a folk song. Lantau Peak Gucheng Heyang mountain, it is located in the southern Zhangjiagang area known as the ancient town of Phoenix, heyang. Heyang folk songs can be traced back to 6000 years ago, "chop" Zhuge is believed to be the oldest found songs, the town of Phoenix which was identified as "Chinese historical and cultural town, China Wu Xiang Gezhi" and "Chinese folk culture (folk art town)". Heyang folk song exists in Jiangnan pure farming circle, little affected by outside influences and live independently, it is also one of the strong heritage, cultural and recreational activities mainly in rural areas in the past, and has its own distinct characteristics. Heyang folk song hall is located in the north of Shanxi Phoenix, construction area of 3800 square meters, built to protect and display the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage – Heyang folk song ". The bridges, is a typical pavilions, terraces and open halls, Jiangnan garden. The scenery is more valuable than the historical Heyang folk song. With the main line of time and space, the introduction of the historical development of Heyang folk song. However, heard the original Heyang folk song later to see the data easier to understand. The stage is a Folk Museum Antique teahouse, antique wood furniture, blue calico cloth, blue and white porcelain bowl, everything is authentic gufengguyun. Mountain singers are local farmers, folk songs more than the contents of the local labor and life scenes, although the local dialect can not really understand, but don’t understand the lyrics display, but also not what folk tone and actor’s performance is sufficient in the understanding of folk songs. Interested visitors can also learn from the mountain singers to sing folk songs, even on the stage. The outdoor stage is larger, so the ancient stage is also very common in Jiangnan area. The folk museum tour route is a ring, the middle of a gallery to several exhibition hall together, ancient architectural style, full of local characteristics. Heyang area is the core area of Wu culture, customs and festivals also retain a very complete, there are festivals throughout the year, an activity you want to sing folk songs, this piece of land with the growth and development of folk songs of the soil. Stroll in the Folk Museum, the Suzhou botanical garden feeling around. There are a lot of elements of a garden here, a lot of red lanterns hung in the promenade very festive. The folk songs accompanied by love story, some from the ordinary people, but also some from the imperial family, such as Prince Zhaoming and nun Liangdi emperor of the Southern Dynasties period the story spread in Heyang area, a song of "red song" record this poignant love. Visiting the museum as visiting folk songs generally pleasant gardens, bridges, everywhere is the folk songs, pavilions, terraces and open halls, everywhere is full of the affection. Listen to the song of Heyang folk song Heyang, understanding of life for thousands of years and customs. – -相关的主题文章: