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SpaceX initially determine the cause of rocket explosion before the end of the year will restart the launch business of Sina Technology News Beijing time on October 31st morning news, the U.S. private Rocket Company SpaceX said the company is coming to the end of September 1st survey on the launch pad explosion accident. Although the exact cause of the accident has not been determined, the investigation has been made progress. Shortly after the accident occurred at that time, the company will focus on targeting the leak investigation of helium cryogenic rocket system on the superior liquid oxygen tank. The company said in a statement on Friday afternoon, they continue to focus on the 3 composite pressure vessel for liquefied oxygen tank (COPV) in a. "After a full-scale test in Texas, SpaceX has been able to reproduce the COPV fault entirely through the helium loading environment. These environments are mainly affected by the temperature and pressure in the process of helium loading." SpaceX plans to continue to identify the cause of the accident, and to improve the helium loading method on the rocket, to avoid similar incidents happen again. The company also plans to restart as soon as the Falcon 9 rocket test in Texas. The company is expected in early November to take this step, and insisted that the rocket will restart in 2016 before the end of the flight operations. SpaceX founder Elon Musk, (Elon Musk) said that this incident has become a fault in its 14 year history the most difficult and complex, because of the fault in a very short period of time, from the abnormal signal to data loss only after just 93 milliseconds. Unable to determine the cause of the uncertainty, it led to a variety of speculation, and even some people think it is a rival sniper made the accident. But these conspiracy theories have been largely excluded. In fact, the accident in September 1st is likely to be due to helium treatment, rather than the design of the rocket itself, which also brings confidence to the company’s customers. In the accident, SpaceX lost a Falcon 9 rocket and satellite AMOS-6. (Book Yu)相关的主题文章: