Hou Wenxin four ways to boost the accuracy of the insurance industry out of poverty 海思k3v2

Hou Wenxin: the insurance industry to boost the accuracy of the four path of exposure Sina fund exposure: the letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Original title: give full play to the insurance industry put forward role in poverty alleviation in 13th Five-Year "plan, implement precise poverty alleviation, precise poverty alleviation work of basic strategy, innovation mechanism and mode, to take extraordinary measures to increase poverty alleviation efforts, determined to win the battle of poverty. In this process, it is necessary to give full play to the role of insurance in poverty alleviation, the insurance industry to play the advantages of institutional mechanisms to achieve effective social assistance and precision docking. At present, China’s economy has entered a new normal, poverty alleviation needs innovation, social forces should be encouraged to participate in the realization of social assistance and accurate poverty effectively docking. The use of insurance to help the poor out of poverty, help to achieve poverty alleviation from the "blood transfusion" to "hematopoietic" transformation, is the innovation and development of poverty alleviation methods. The insurance industry to serve the precise poverty alleviation work, mainly through three functions to achieve: first, the transfer of risk and decentralized functions. Two is the economic compensation and payment function. Three is the function of financial intermediation. "On the insurance industry to boost the poverty alleviation work opinions" stressed, give full play to the advantages of the insurance industry institutional mechanisms to carry out poverty alleviation and development of social responsibility, strengthen and upgrade the insurance industry to boost the power of poverty alleviation, "13th Five-Year" poverty alleviation and development goals. In the "precise docking of poverty alleviation diversified insurance demand" part specifically stressed the precise docking demand of agricultural insurance services, health insurance services demand precise docking, precise docking of livelihood insurance service demand, precise docking industry insurance service demand of poverty, with accurate insurance demands of education poverty. The path of accurate insurance poverty relief include: first, through the characteristics of industrial insurance to promote poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation projects of special industries, to meet the needs of the poor industry insurance services. Precision insurance industry is an important part of the precise poverty alleviation. In practice, the leading enterprises or industry organizations often lack for mortgage assets, therefore we need to use insurance agencies, local banks and local government power, explore the establishment of "government + Bank + insurance" multi credit risk sharing mechanism of compensation, poverty alleviation microfinance guarantee insurance, explore agricultural insurance + poverty alleviation micro credit guarantee insurance + insurance funds financing ability of business and other ways to enhance poor access to credit funds for production development through positive development. In the further development of industrial poverty alleviation projects, consider exploring stock cooperative mode, policy oriented industries, industry profit model of poverty alleviation poverty alleviation mode, so as to strengthen the innovative way of insurance funds from various aspects, to assist the insured households more easily get free warranty, free mortgage, preferential interest rates of small funds. Two is to promote poverty alleviation through health insurance poverty alleviation projects to meet the needs of poor households health insurance services, livelihood insurance services. The precise poverty health insurance is a main way to solve poverty poverty caused by illness, the focus is on, through the strengthening of basic health insurance, serious illness insurance相关的主题文章: