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Old people often encounter "money pit" to help parents about many elderly after retirement pension money has a considerable pension money, plus a monthly retirement pension, daily use, is pondering how to increase the value of their pension money. A variety of investment companies, P2P, as well as some fraudsters eyeing this part of the old man’s wallet. How can we help parents look after the pension funds, pension funds for those who invest? The newspaper invited the Chongqing bank financial planner Pei Chunliu to talk about the pension money. Identify "the pit" financial control investment risk of pension money, we should control the risk, to avoid falling into the "pit" such as the following: 1, illegal financial investment company or P2P in recent one or two years, we often receive a sense of investment company phone invited us to go to class, there are a variety of financial P2P. A large part of the investment company or P2P platform has not been legally qualified to operate these businesses, illegal business. You look at the benefits of his products, they stare at your principal. 2, insurance insurance salesman in the sale of insurance products, usually give investors promised high returns, and multi user recommended investment linked insurance, neglected the insurance itself security is not high, only talk about "stable income". After the discovery of the user, such as insurance and did not initially introduced as well, the withdrawal will face some of the principal loss. 3, the bank into a single bank financial individual employees for personal gain, sales did not get the third party license products, and ultimately lead to the risk of loss of principal customers. Select the formal financial channels to identify the product rational pension money management, the first step is to control risk, to protect the safety of principal, the choice of formal financial channels, banks choose to develop personal financial services is a relatively good way. Through the bank to buy financial products, insurance products, foreign exchange, funds, gold, etc.. Banks also provide a lot of channels, physical outlets, online banking, mobile banking, telephone banking, WeChat bank, etc., are convenient for us to carry out personal financial services. In the financial process, we must see the product contract, know the direction of investment products, not to understand the future earnings performance in the past paired promise, remember not petty, don’t be Gregory temptation. Rational allocation of assets to enjoy the elderly living assets scattered investment. For the elderly, that retained 6 months to meet the daily needs of funds as a temporary reserve fund, the funds can be put in the category of savings products, such as Chongqing bank direct bank above it 1 poly liberty, investment, income and monetary fund is always desirable, rather. Secondly, the remaining 1/3 of the pension funds for the purchase of short-term financial products, this part of the funds used as a short-term reserve fund, mainly the body does not need the money. Third, the remaining pension can choose a longer period of products, such as the Bank of Chongqing, the well-being of the deposit, the product has one year, three years and a period of five years, you can pay interest on a monthly basis. The product is five years, for example, the current annual interest rate is 4.3%, you can pay interest on a monthly basis. For the elderly who need to use the money for their daily lives, the interest can be used as a daily expenditure; for the elderly to prevent the use of money to spend money for the elderly, can choose the dream of the Bank of Chongqing deposit. Five years to Britain相关的主题文章: