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The milk to sleep, right and wrong? All the available sleep training methods for the mother and child of the Sohu promise that your baby will be able to sleep in his crib for a few days. On the contrary, it seems to be a failure, extremely lazy, or even completely wrong. In my opinion, let the baby sleep in infants is a very natural thing! The baby nestled in her mother’s warm and safe embrace, sucking slowly to eat – it is no wonder that the baby will relax and sleep contentedly. Of course one day or in some cases, this simple sleep mode and no longer functions. If that day comes, how will you get rid of your baby’s sleeping habits?" Find some suggestions in this article. Here we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the baby in different stages of milk sleep. Few month old baby milk to sleep a few months after birth at the beginning of the extremely, prevent the baby eat and sleep is almost impossible. In fact, because the baby fell asleep too fast, so the mother had to wake up the baby let him eat her, which is a very common situation. The new time, I read E.A.S.Y and want to try the parenting methods. If you haven’t heard of it (let me tell you), it means eating, activity, sleep, your time. The key is to let the children eat first, and then play, and then sleep, so that the mother will have their own time – only their own time. That sounds good, doesn’t it? It’s just not feasible! At least not for me. Your baby at the breast when he fell asleep. When they wake up, they’re still hungry. This is a very natural thing, because they grow as fast as the speed of light, food is very small. If you have to force your baby to suck, you will be very hard, the baby will be crying. So if your baby is less than four or five months old and eats and sleeps, you don’t have to worry about anything. When may be just beginning to establish a more regular routine baby two months, when you can do it this way: when the baby is not very difficult, early feeding your baby, after trying to put her or him on the cart or baby bed. You will be surprised to find that the children of this age group is actually accepted to do so. When you shake the cart or put a music phone on the crib, your baby may soon fall asleep instead of milk. I found that this is a very good combination — allow him or her baby milk side while sleeping, but (he she asleep) slowly to him she put in a crib or baby stroller, any one can be both. Once your baby is four months old, it will be more difficult to keep the baby in bed alone. At this time the baby is more alert to the surrounding environment, and some children may produce the first stage of separation anxiety. Let your baby gently quit you this "human pacifier" is a lot of methods, then read on, you may find the answer. You should be aware of the comfort of breastfeeding相关的主题文章: