The sea will be exhibited abroad Chen Junqing to make it famous in the world rewrite攻略�

The sea will faint Hou external display Chen Junqing: to make it famous in the world on October 5th afternoon, the Provincial Standing Committee of Jiangxi provincial Party committee, propaganda minister Chen Junqing came to the Museum of Jiangxi Province, the research found "hit — Nanchang sea in Han Dynasty faint Hou archaeological achievements exhibition" exhibition. Provincial Department of culture, party secretary, director Chi Hong accompanied. To make the world famous in the world, Chen Junqing seriously listened to the staff of the sea, the results of the introduction of the country, fully affirmed the exhibition display environment and display effect. In Chen Junqing view, the exhibition not only playback the whole process of archaeological excavations, showing the value of the site and unearthed artifacts, but also to show the world a profound foundation of Chinese culture. "The Han Dynasty in Nanchang is an important part of the archaeological achievements, which belongs to Nanchang and Jiangxi." Chen Junqing stressed that the cultural relics of the archaeological excavation of the country is very delicate, very rich, reflecting the profound cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, we must tap the use of good, so world-renowned. It can be found that the connotation of many creative cultural products, "the exhibition of the achievements of the National Exhibition of the cultural achievements of the sea reflects the cultural self-confidence, so that we are very proud of." Chen Junqing said that the state of the country, whether it is as a result of history to show the history, or as a tourism industry to build, can be mined space is very large. "The sea is full of ups and downs of life, is a true portrayal of the Royal struggle in the Han Dynasty, for the film, television, literature, and so provide a great imagination and thinking space." Chen Junqing said, to further use the cultural advantages and the advantages of the subject matter of the archaeological achievements of the country, dig deep cultural connotation, create more cultural products. Should increase the modern display way to explain Chen Junqing proposed to keep spreading heat cool, add some modern show and explain the way, such as providing audio guide to key cultural relics, let the audience more easily understand the cultural information in the exhibition, after no regrets, to show the cultural memory in home. "The national archaeological excavation of the sea has added a heavyweight theme to the development of Jiangxi’s tourism industry." Chen Junqing stressed the need to further protect and make good use of the work, the development of a series of cultural and creative products, the real contribution to the development of cultural industry in Jiangxi. According to inquire, this will display 922 pieces of cultural relics. Source: micro signal – Jiangxi release相关的主题文章: