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Note: the balance of over 6 million large overseas account information you will be eyeing the balance of over 6 million large note: overseas financial account information you will be eyeing the tax authorities overseas investment, assets, property, financial enterprises and individuals should pay attention to. In October 14, 2016, the State Administration of Taxation issued "non resident financial account information related to due diligence management approach (Draft)". The "draft" proposed to combat cross-border tax evasion, fulfilling the international obligations of automatic exchange of tax information financial account. The implementation of the tax information exchange standard financial accounts automatically, by OECD (Organization for economic cooperation and development) proposed in February 2014 by the G20 finance ministers meeting, aims to allow the automatic exchange of bank information to combat tax evasion behavior between countries of the judiciary. Financial accounts are divided into deposit accounts, escrow accounts and other accounts. "It’s important to exchange. In order to strengthen the administration of tax collection, to combat cross-border tax evasion, business and personal financial account information exchange out of non residents will belong to other countries, non resident enterprises and personal information to the other country we belong to the Chinese. Exchange of financial accounts, as long as the accession to the OECD to do exchange. But it is limited to financial information exchange." A person involved in the development of non resident tax policy makers told the economic observer. In 2009, the State Administration of Taxation issued the Interim Measures for the administration of the taxation of non resident contracted projects and the provision of labor services. Non residents mainly refers to the establishment of enterprises in accordance with foreign laws, the actual management agencies are also in foreign countries. For example, the establishment of a subsidiary is a resident enterprise, representative office or branch are non residents. "Financial account information exchange, such as overseas investment, including real estate, finance, study abroad, immigration, the financial account will be switched to the Chinese tax authorities, tax authorities will pay attention to these offshore accounts have no taxes. Since China is a global tax liability for tax residents, that is to say, the global income of Chinese residents and individuals should be taxed in china. There was no exchange of information before, for overseas income or overseas income can not obtain data, only by taxpayers themselves." These non resident business people on the Economic Observer newspaper said. "If the information collection and exchange in place, there are large amount of assets and income of the individual residents and businesses on the outside, especially after the tax planning, but planning is not in place, there is a risk of being investigated." A person engaged in the anti tax business in the country told the economic observer newspaper. A commitment to 96 countries and regions worldwide in CRS (global financial account system of automatic exchange of tax related information) system to carry out automatic exchange of tax related information of financial accounts, covering almost all the global financial centres and developed economies. In December 16, 2015, China signed the agreement on multilateral competent authorities (MCAA), which became the seventy-seventh country to join the CRS. According to the October 14th released the "draft", before December 31, 2017, financial institutions will be completed on the stock of high net worth individual account (as of December 2016 3 on相关的主题文章: