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600 billion universal insurance will gradually withdraw A shares? Detailed contents of the new deal fund CIRC Sina exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The China Insurance Regulatory Commission yesterday issued an unprecedented efforts to limit the draft, intends to further tightening of high price products, and for the first time on the market of high insurance products guaranteed interest rate limit. The news came out, the market immediately focused A shares of the 600 billion existing high price universal insurance. According to CICC estimates, is expected to present A shares in about 5000~6000 billion capital stock from the high price of universal insurance. According to public information, the two cities a total of 64 stocks involved in universal insurance funds by universal insurance accounts held a total of 4 billion 177 million shares of stock, the stock market value reached 65 billion 545 million yuan. CICC said that if the implementation of the new regulations, the stock funds from universal insurance will gradually be replaced or removed within 5 years. But because of the high price of the stock is still 5 years time window, so a limited impact. And because the new products to further close, from this type of insurance companies are affected by the incremental funding. Compared to the March regulations, this edition of the draft restrictions on the high price of the stock is basically unchanged, only added to the newly established insurance company limited the high price does not exceed the net assets of 2x, the stock still retains the high price after 5 years and gradually shrink the time window. In addition, the insurance company, the size of the listing of large insurance companies have less impact on the scale of insurance premiums, but the impact of small and medium insurance companies and investment growth. What exactly does the draft say? Combined with CICC Tang Bolun team and Haitong Securities analyst Sun Ting Research Report, the main content of the draft has the following four points. 1 for the surrender charges: single premium products 3 years before the surrender charges forced to charge (incremental premium); CICC said the draft made more stringent requirements for new products, the negation of all three years of memory product renewal, the increment is restricted greatly. Life insurance companies must surrender in three years after the sale of products (difficult to sell), universal insurance premium growth is likely to decline. 2 for insurance products scheduled interest rate: life insurance annuity guaranteed interest rate higher than 3% 3.45% sent to the CIRC for approval (incremental premium); CICC pointed out that this adjustment will be the impact of: (1) from the aggressive competition will decline; (2) improve the approval procedures listed large life insurance to launch difficulty to ensure the high interest rate; (3) the minimum guarantee amount limit of 200% (previously 120%) to improve the proportion of poor dead. Large life insurance companies are likely in the next year a generally lower product guarantee rate. Since this year, part of the listed company for life insurance industry competition, during the opener 3.5~4.025% guaranteed income annuity sales. Draft this adjustment will help reduce the cost of liability insurance companies, effectively prevent the risk of spread losses. 3 for disguised financial products: life insurance policy guarantee amount shall not be less than the account value of 200% (incremental policy). According to Caixin, in order to emphasize the theory of insurance相关的主题文章: