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9 aquaculture companies notice before three quarter double single head hog profit has dropped to 500 yuan Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my – reporter Gui Xiaosun the first half of 2016, pork prices continued high, gains considerable profit for the company, and with the change of market supply and demand, pork prices began to decline in the adjustment period, and had a pig farm can earn nearly 800 yuan compared to pig breeding heads are also seen a sharp decline in profits, "is a pig profit in about 400 yuan -500 yuan, analysts have mentioned in the acceptance of" Securities Daily "interview. But the latest research report made a week had pointed out that the biggest gap in time between hog supply and demand has been in the past, the overall situation of hog supply is tight into loose. At the beginning of September prices rising momentum has been in the past, followed by a period of time, the price of meat will run below the price level at the beginning of September under the line. Farmers psychological pressure bar after the collapse of the WWW data show that before the Mid Autumn Festival, farmers are looking forward to support the festival pork price rebound, however, the domestic hog prices did not rise as a period, but is down three yuan, the average price of slaughter day decline in more than 0.2%, slaughter Enterprises opened before the Holiday Stocking mode, the operating rate rose in more than 30%. The continuous price farmers psychological pressure bar gradually disintegrate, throwing upstream pig phenomenon, and the farmers to sell their goods to go to big pig also caused repression, south of field scale frequent price. The Mid Autumn Festival, the downstream consumption fever, manufacturers day slaughter quantity plan to the level before; not combined with the pre holiday consumption of swine after release or form a negative impact on the pig, pig price is positive or lack of support, slowly decline. Information Analyst Ji Guangxin to the Securities Daily "reporter, National Day after the market demand into intermediate consumption off-season, the decline in consumption, hog supply is relatively abundant, the pork price will fall, but taking into account the factors such as the recovery of sow herds, the decline is not too large. Industry as a whole is still profitable, the current profit of about 400 yuan a pig -500 yuan." Except pork, integrated media reported that recently, mutton prices also fell, in this regard, there are sheep farming business people on the "Securities Daily" reporters, compared with the past year, the price of meat dropped only slightly, causing the sheep breeding profit space is limited, high cost, ability of breeding breeding need to upgrade. Semi annual report mentioned the sheep breeding enterprise grassland Hongbao released earlier, for the price of mutton change risk, the countermeasure is "continue to extend the industrial chain, construction and operation mode of the whole industry chain, increase the control of company culture and purchasing cost." The performance of listed companies from the beautiful performance point of view, the factors of pork prices in 2016 continued in high impact, with farming business of listed companies is expected in the first three quarters of this year will gain considerable profit. According to Wind statistics show that there are currently 11 domestic theory相关的主题文章: