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All kinds of games, we can give a child what Sohu each baby maternal and child in kindergarten, in life will participate in many competitions, we often said that the game Oh, we have to train ah, to learn what skills ah, take a place what, do seem like a game very nervous very tired thing, in fact, the game is a very interesting thing. I remember when I was a kid, I was running in the school sports meeting, and I wanted to play in the afternoon. I could not help but not excited ah, has its own game in the afternoon, the class that passionate, what mother wrapped steamed stuffed bun, from Grandma’s old hen’s egg white, my father went to Shenzhen on a business trip back to "drink"…… All piled up in front of you, you eat, drank and drank, add energy to play good afternoon, afternoon to run four classes that "big glasses". "Big glasses" while wearing glasses, but people are very beautiful, because people running badly, is my enemy, my lovely classmates, how she is. I said, hey, Zhang to the students talk, you do not love others "big glasses, how I look forward to running over her? I made three copies of his seven generous love deep, people always back and forth, but friendship is eternal. The students laughed, I laughed, but I think we are not laughing Zhang funny, but laugh at our friendship so sincere and beautiful. My father brought back from Shenzhen’s "magic drink", dark bitter drugs than hard to drink, but I call it "coffee", Shenzhen there have rich things, said his father had the spirit of good run fast. So I was in the station at the time before the start of the game, or the land side of the runway, a TV series lady style, portentously sipping her, this is my fantasy is hot curly hair wearing a dress on the vintage car down from the side of the big miss, the guard over busy stack hold my white gloved hand, the referee wipe cracking sound "on the line," scared me behind glass flapping at the starting line, has not recovered to, gunfire has rung, the whole people stumbled on the pop-up to. Began to lag behind the big glasses, but running, I feel blurred, there is nothing at all, the surrounding is empty, the whole world will hear the students shouted: "XX, refueling! XX, come on! Refueling!" At that time the scene now think of it, selfless move feeling on the runway, as he was going out to the emperor parade, or the triumphant return of the hero, the surrounding people lined the streets to welcome the Shan Hu long live. I’m very proud of it, the upper and lower body bulging with a sense of expansion, think he is the Minister of the Department of honor from, even tired breathing difficulties, hum, I do not enter the hell, who the hell, Everyone is responsible for his country. run! Because of this full responsibility and pride out of the feeling of happiness, it is strong and pure, fearless, in my adult life, never felt before. Of course, I still lost the big glasses, I was just a little sad, but see at the end waiting for me -相关的主题文章: