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Yunnan: according to " and " " early; "   the first half of 2430 people talking inquiry letter – Politics – Beijing in October 7, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department website 7 morning release entitled "Yunnan: closely linked to " and " " early; small " half year conversation letter consultation 2430" article.     the contents are as follows:     "conversation letter consultation on 2430 people, light punishment and made by Party organizations dealing with 1861 people, 833 people party heavy punishment and adjustment of major positions, expelled 212 people transferred to judicial organs, accounting for 3.97%." This is the first half of Yunnan province discipline inspection organs at all levels to grasp the use of supervision and discipline of "four form" to produce transcripts. Since last year, Yunnan Province, and resolutely implement comprehensive strictly requirements, adhere to the discipline and rules in the very front, both Zhuazao catch small, in charge of "most", and severely punish corruption, to "pull rotten tree", the "four form" requirements are implemented. Staring at the beginning of the broken discipline, listening to these occurred in the case of typical cases of discipline violations, I am very pleased that the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and street party committee to remind me of a timely conversation." Filed by the Commission for Discipline Inspection interviewed about Yunnan province Kunming city Guandu District Guandu community party branch secretary Kyrgyzstan ashamed and grateful. The general community of "two committees" on the eve of this year, a report reflects Kyrgyzstan will invite community group, some cadres more than about 60 of public funds, Guandu Street Party Working Committee, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Discipline Committee immediately sent fifth day Kyrgyzstan to remind conversation, Kyrgyzstan on issues related to the explanation and then call the community, group cadres, canceled the evening party. The community committees general until the end, private dinner or public funds no problem. 1 to June this year, Guandu District Commission for Discipline Inspection and disposal problems clues 78, 59 people to talk to, talk for an increase of 73% in the number. "According to the audit report, your unit last year, conference fees, training fees increased significantly, with or without violation of expenditure?"…… Recently, Dehong Dai Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture individually interviewed 16 units in charge". Tight discipline rules this string, closely linked to the "early" and "small", in the last year issued "Interim Provisions on the" Specification for conversation letter consultation on the basis of the work, the full implementation of the Yunnan province to remind conversation system, take office of honest conversation, letters and conversations, audit conversations, rectification of honest conversation, conversation and other five kinds of conversation on the way, the problems and tendencies of Party members and cadres appear to take the initiative to talk in the broken discipline by the beginning of a profound warning, to prevent small mistakes lead to disaster. Implementation of the "zero storage", to avoid the evils aftermath. Strict implementation of clues disposal monthly quarterly turnover of the system, especially for warning of complaints and reports of Party members and cadres interviewed, the discipline inspection organs at all levels of the inquiry letter warning interviews of 432 suspected violations or minor violations of Party members and cadres. Kunming city discipline inspection organs were used in conversation letter consultation party)相关的主题文章: