Anhui 14 year old boy drowned 3 companions even adults to blame home quietly do not say – Beijing onavo protect

Anhui 14 year old boy drowned 3 companions if adults don’t say much blame back home – 1 Beijing August 28th 4 13 afternoon, Lujiang county old boy playing together, a boy accidentally fell into the water. 3 companions to see the situation is serious, due to fear of adult blame, they quietly go home, to conceal the news to adults. Until the evening, the boy fell into the water to see the child’s family did not return to the other boys repeatedly asked that this was the truth. The incident is located in Lujiang County town of Chai Bu Guo river. According to nearby villagers, after lunch at noon that day, the village 4 thirteen year old boy together to go out to play, in a pool area, a 14 year old boy accidentally fell into the water, 3 companions saw the boy fell into the water after the delay disappeared, suddenly felt the situation was serious. However, due to fear of adults blame, the 3 boys did not ask for help from adults, but their own home quietly, pretending nothing happened. Until the evening, the children did not see the drowning boy family home, then to weekdays often accompany other kids asked, children were asked to start, also hesitated, after repeated questioning, the children that adults with the truth. More than 7 in the evening, the family was informed of the situation after the alarm, the local government, public security, emergency personnel rushed to the scene of the rescue of the 120. Search and rescue work continued until 29 o’clock in the morning more than 1, drowning boy’s body was salvaged. (Li Houxiang)相关的主题文章: