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Women spend 5000 yuan to buy back the price of jade was identified only worth $50 thousand-foldercure

Women spend 5000 yuan to buy the price of 50 thousand is only one hundred yuan jade identification value of the original title: Zhengzhou people spend more than 5 thousand to buy 50 thousand of the price of jade was identified only in the counter value of 100 yuan jade supermarket cashier to Ms. Zhang jade store gift certificates. Core tip at the end of October, Ms. Zhang in the construction of the road is located in the city of Zhengzhou a shopping mall, the cashier gave a jade shop to receive gift certificates, gift counter staff to draw. Finally got the first prize, the counter staff said the first prize can enjoy ninety percent off discount to buy jade, spent 5000 yuan to buy two pieces of the original price 5 yuan of jade, however, Ms. Zhang took to buy jade identification and found that the price of 50 thousand yuan jade market price of only one hundred or two hundred yuan value. Reporters learned yesterday that the Zhengzhou business sector has received many similar complaints, the majority of consumers are pumped to ninety percent off coupons…… Event: after shopping with a gift certificate drawn "ninety percent off purchase award 5000 yuan to buy a total of 50 thousand yuan price of jade worth only 100 yuan shopping won the sweepstakes eligibility, jewelry store free sweepstakes, prize and draw""! Worth a few million jade jewelry, as long as pay a tax can be taken away! This meeting, what would you do? At the end of October, Ms. Zhang, who lives in Zhengzhou, Jianshe Road to a shopping mall after the cashier gave a free gift voucher. Said you can get gift coupons to the mall jade counter, free gifts. Jade counter to find that the so-called gift is only some rubber band, nail clippers, small mirror. Ms. Zhang wanted to give up, jade shop clerk was informed: get gift coupons can also be free sweepstakes. The first prize in the counter can choose three kinds of jewelry products, just pay taxes, you can take away the jewelry. Think it is organized by the supermarket activities, Ms. Zhang would like to join in the fun. And let Ms. Zhang accident is, she literally a smoke, actually smoked a first prize. Customer service staff immediately exclaimed: "you are so lucky, the first prize this probability is too small, the winning rate of only 3/1000. Very rare!" Hearing the news, Ms. Zhang is also a little too happy to believe. Ms. Zhang looked at the counter of the jade, found that the price at 3000 yuan to more than ten thousand dollars. The clerk under the spell, Ms. Zhang picked a price "11270 yuan" jade, a price of 39800 yuan for the pendant. Two pieces of a total price of $51070 jade, Ms. Zhang finally spent more than 5100 yuan. Ms. Zhang came home, but found that his five or six relatives and friends, have been in the same shopping mall to buy a ninety percent off jade, and are in the first prize after pumping. Zhang later found that a lot of shopping malls also have similar sweepstakes, and most customers can get the first prize. Ms. Zhang grew more and more wrong in November 10th that a brand jewelry shop in the "double eleven" period can provide jewelry appraisal services free of charge, Zhang took his jade identification, identification of personnel said after watching, Zhang took the price of 50 thousand yuan jade, from density and material for poor quality products, the market price of only one hundred or two hundred yuan. Reporters saw, Ms. Zhang to buy jade only price tag, no shopping invoices Yan相关的主题文章:

Why are there so many super moons Year after year, but every year – Sohu news-3u8813

Why are there so many super moons? Every year is different but by mid – Sohu news media said, every other period of time, the news media can be seen above the term "super moon", why so many super moon? According to the Taiwan news network reported on November 14th, the Taiwan astronomical research institute said that "super moon" is a frequent astronomical landscape, the magic is not the phenomenon itself, but humans can use scientific knowledge, correct prediction of the super moon appearing time, it is more wonderful than the super moon. The Institute clarified that "super moon" is a word from astrology. The real astronomical term is "close look". Look at the moon, the earth and the sun in a straight line. And is that the orbit of the moon is closest to the earth, and these two phenomena, is just super moon. Simply put, the full moon on the day looks bigger than the full moon at other times. The Institute pointed out that the moon is in an elliptical orbit around the earth, a perigee and apogee. The moon – earth of the whole system, and revolve around the sun. For the lunar earth system, the angle of the sun’s rays varies by one year. Each year, a super moon occurs about once, that is, the moon is in the vicinity, and the sun is in the opposite position. From the earth, this is the super moon. Once a year, the super moon, is not necessarily the news, this is a mid autumn festival every year with almost the same meaning. Why do you say, "how many years, the biggest super moon?" Astronomy said that because of the elliptical orbit of the moon, is not fixed. The orbit of the moon is actually disturbed by the sun and the earth. This tiny disturbance, if you take between the moon and the earth’s average distance of 380 thousand kilometers, will soon become a vast number of reactions in daily life, is the annual super moon is not the same size. That’s why we can often see the news of the super moon, and this year’s super moon will not be the same as last year or next year. The Institute pointed out that the entire solar system, the earth is the only planet a moon. The moon is 0.27 times the diameter of the earth, which is far ahead of the other planets in the solar system. Although the trajectory is very small, but because of the diameter of the moon and the earth, the result is that the super moon looks bigger.相关的主题文章:

Desolate soul room scheduled December 9th for the first time Zhang Yishan thriller show- Sohu Entert-luonv

"Desolate soul room" scheduled December 9th for the first time Zhang Yishan thriller SHOW- Sohu entertainment "desolate soul room" December 9th Zhang Yishan debut thriller directed by Sohu entertainment news recently, the young director Liu Shuqiao, Zhang Yishan, Su Xiaoming, Sun Yan, Fu starred in the suspense thriller "desolate soul room" the first release of fixed gear posters, the film will be officially announced December 9th National release. The poster, Zhang Yishan and Fu in the quiet forest in gold look frightened and dignified, distant villa seemed partly hidden and partly visible hidden secrets not to be divulged. It is reported that the film is the strength of the new generation of actors Zhang Yishan "more than" after the first crime suspense thriller works appeared on the big screen, the joint crime of "psychological" "pay two sin BOSS ends meet, but also to many viewers and fans highly anticipated. Fixed gear posters "bright hanging fear" Zhang Yishan thriller debut "boudoir mystery" from the film to explore the exposure of the poster, bright colors, exquisite fusion composition and horror elements intertwined, constitute a beautiful picture of Horror: mainly in blue color, with scattered petals of blood, a thriller accustomed to the dark bloody, screen, clear and bright, but when the vision falls in gloomy picture of the central villa and distance free light, and a strange atmosphere of terror was oncoming, silhouetted against the actress Zhang Yishan and pay the gold panic nervous eyes, seems to be showing a certain unknown things to come. It is reported that the film tells the story of a place in the villa in the story of the ups and downs, fusion works suspense thriller and action, affection, love and other elements. Zhang Yishan with sister pay gold play heroine "two crimes BOSS" to spy "desolate soul room" the same master and screen shock whirlwind acting Zhang Yishan with "Yu sin" in excellent acting powder absorbing many, has become a popular and powerful new generation of niche representative. In the film "desolate soul room", the incarnation of Zhang Yishan base by handsome undercover crazy cool handsome "detective", to find his girlfriend into a whirling "desolate soul puzzle"; and the main female star in the film is in the "psychological" crime in good performance for gold. At the same time, Zhang Yishan, was also paid out of the same door of the brother and sister, when asked whether there is pressure acting on, brother Zhang Yishan humor reply "big brother not bully the younger sister". The movie "and" capture the spirit room, the "two sins" of male and female starring, quite interesting. It is understood that this is the first big screen featuring Zhang Yishan thriller, when it comes to choosing actor standard, the director quipped "believe in a mountain to take the lead, the completion of a new role to play in fact hitherto unknown, from psychology, drama can be said that a mountain performance beyond my expectations." When asked why Zhang Yishan starred in "desolate soul room" when Zhang Yishan said the script is attracted to their own, "the script is not the same, very love, hope that through different roles, bring people more different feelings". In the movie "Zhang Yishan" in the spirit room and continue to challenge myself through a lot for the first time, hope works can bring us more surprise. The movie "desolate soul room" will be held in December 9, 2016 in full.相关的主题文章:

China’s fourth geostationary orbit data relay satellite successfully launched-demonophobia

Chinese fourth data relay satellite successfully launched the original title: China’s fourth data relay satellite was successfully launched on November 22, 2016 at 23:24 in 04 seconds, our use of the long march three C rocket successfully will one day chain 04 satellite into space at the Xichang satellite launch center. One day chain 04 star is China’s fourth data relay satellite, and will one day chain 01 stars, 02 stars, 03 stars to achieve the global network operation, data relay and control services for the Chinese Shenzhou spacecraft, space lab, space station, space rendezvous and docking mission support, while providing data relay service for China, low orbit satellite resources, to provide support for spacecraft control. Xichang Satellite Launch Center since 1984 to carry out the first mission, has launched a total of more than 100 pieces of different types of satellites, created the successful launch of China’s first experimental communications satellite, the first practical communication satellite, the first international commercial satellite, first lunar exploration satellite, the first relay satellites, first thrust bound rocket and Chinese Aerospace history as a "one", for Chinese space launch to high orbit, to the world and made outstanding contributions to the deep space. The first 04 star and the long march No. three C launch vehicle, respectively, by the Chinese Academy of space technology, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China launch vehicle technology research institute. The mission was the 241st flight of the long march series. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章:

The last 70 years, the biggest super moon appeared-adobe gamma

Over the past 70 years the biggest recent super moon appeared – Beijing in recent 70 years, the latest and biggest super moon appeared in the new Houston on 14 November, nearly 70 years of the most special "super moon" 14 perigee, "powder" and attract global attention to the photographer. According to the NASA, the moon looks at 14% more distant than the earth at the time, an increase of brightness of about 30%, and the next chance to wait until 2034. NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission scientist Petro (NoahPetro) to accept the space network (Space) interview, explained in detail why in November this year, the super moon is very special. Southern Spain a castle over the super moon landscape. This time the moon arrived at the exact time of the perigee for EST at 6:22 on the morning of November 14th, the full moon time is 8:52 in the morning. Petro suggested that people can not get up early in the evening of 13 and 14 out of the home to watch this rare astronomical phenomenon. He pointed out that the moon from the sun began to rise, the middle of the night to reach the highest point, near the sun rises fall, the differences of the two night is very small, with the naked eye can be observed as the characteristic of the lunar crater. The rest of the world famous landmark on the evening of 13, the moon has been packed with pictures of the crowd, a "super moon" maxed network. The "super moon" is known as the perigee moon, a new moon or full moon that is closer to earth than it normally is, once every 13 months or so. But 14 of the super moon perigee and full moon time so close, is the largest since January 26, 1948, the earth’s nearest full moon, can be described as the century – Super – Super moon". "Due to tidal or gravitational force pulling the moon, the lunar orbit is not a perfect circle," Petro explained, "gravity of the earth, the sun and the planets of the solar system, will affect the orbit of the moon, just give us a chance to pass so close with the moon." In new network reporter Jin Shuo photo " src=" cnsupload big 2016 11-14 4-426 5e562c6ce7d4474d9fd34b92c7292234.jpg" title=" Beijing time on November 14th, Chinese appeared around the super moon landscape of the largest since 1948. Super moon is full (or new) near lunar month with near point. It is understood that the super moon will appear at 21:52 on the evening of 14. Photo taken in Beijing, Chaoyang District. (multiple exposure) in the new network reporter Jin Shuo photo " > Beijing time on November 14th, China’s largest ever since the super moon landscape since 1948. Super moon is full (or new) near lunar month with near point. It is understood that the super moon will appear at 21:52 on the evening of 14. Photo taken in Beijing, Chaoyang District. (multiple exposure) China News Network reporter Jin Shuo photo相关的主题文章:

Qiao Renliang in the eyes of the media talkative cheerful, will try to cooperate with others (video)-sql2005安装图解

In the eyes of the media: Qiao Renliang will try to cooperate with others cheerful and talkative, Qiao Renliang (information) Tencent entertainment news (Wen Hu Mengying Wang Qin) yesterday (16) night, actor Qiao Renliang home in Shanghai was killed in an accident. Once the publicity personality of the "good man", will eventually freeze life in his 28 years old, and the day from his 29 birthday has been less than a month. Reporters interviewed the first time he had been exposed to the media, trying to understand as much as he said, "I want to be back to myself," the young, behind the spotlight Qiao Renliang. Good man Qiao Renliang: 20 year old pride cool the memory of Qiao Renliang a lot of people are stuck in the "good man" period, the respondents in the eyes of the media, Qiao Renliang seems to always be the mad pull cool rock boy. No wonder, when he was only 20 years old, fresh clothes horse angry. I practice in college with the term "hero" at that time, many people love Li Yifeng, but Qiao Renliang is clearly behind the Oriental tv. The game has not been announced, will give him a personal interview with reporters, Qiao Renliang had his sister was still in high school, and I practice together, said Qiao Renliang in the high school campus is very high popularity of the prince. He speaks very direct, very humorous, a look is a good feeling of the child. Everyone in the finals is optimistic about his championship. Remember the final night of the afternoon, Taiwan first gave Qiao Renliang orange sky signing conference, signing Huayi earlier than bobo. Just a few years later, he began to walk a little rock, and had poor evildoer style, all of a sudden not recognized. After a few years he played TV drama play more of the kind of affection of the male character is gentle not what the young. Feel his style has been changing do not know whether it was deliberately packaged. – entertainment reporter Xinxin ten years ago "hero" know him, that time is the sophomore, he impressed that when ye go to cool rock’n’roll, then a "four little" call, Jing Bairan, Fu Xinbo, Qiao Renliang, Li Yifeng. At that time four people debut, his popularity is really the top three, there are already very red in the two. Right now is "My Hero" for ten years. – a portal reporter actor Qiao Renliang anonymity: easygoing appearance hides Qiao Renliang himself once said, "good man" period of his special one bar. From the beginning of the 2009 film "nightclubs", Qiao Renliang chose the "actor" the identity of the continued development of their career, also showed him the other side. A reporter who interviewed Qiao Renliang felt sorry for his departure: "the brain is quick, flexible and intelligent." Qiao Renliang is my favorite one of the interview list top3, he is active, relaxed, friendly, high EQ, always gives the reporter to contact the material, many details are still visible before the eyes. The most memorable thing, however, was to talk to his mother for an hour on the phone. When the mother is what mood, dare not to think. "Shanghai TV reporter:" in fact, Qiao Renliang once told the Tencent entertainment reporter an exclusive interview in 9 days, and not strange, "he is very talkative, always laughing and joking. When the interview time is temporary for one hour later, but he was not happy, very well.相关的主题文章: