Autumn sunshine, Chengdu wetland park free play the most beautiful tourism Sohu! iptd-651

Autumn sunshine, Chengdu wetland park free play the most beautiful! – really cool weather tourism Sohu! The weekend at home, do not go away, just go to the outskirts of Chengdu the wetland park walking, cycling, wash and relax! Huo brother feel the most humane wetland is human invention in the environmental transformation, connected with the city, the weekend outing did not need to walk far, beautiful scenery on the side ~ good environment, fresh air, wash, the sun a good place! Go to Chengdu to pick a Tata Qinglong Lake Wetland Park in North Qinglong Lake Wetland Park in Chengdu District of Longquanyi, Kazakhstan, Chengdu city is the "city green lung", the largest area of wetland park. How long before it was with brother recommended exemption. The park is very great, known as the Dragon Lake wetland scenery is also very comfortable. The weather is not hot now, and the family on the weekend go for a walk, look at the blue sky, white clouds to see the grass. The park is relatively not so much people, green road is also more open, so you can choose to ride here kazakhstan. Riding on the breeze. Do not feel hot, watching the lake, a wave blow. Take Chengdu fall short ~ park there are many flowers unknown, when the weather is fine sunset, seem inexplicable good-looking. Go for a walk with your family on weekends and relax for a week. Tips address: on the right side of the suburb of Chengdu Avenue, been the direction of the city, Chengdu University opposite tickets: free car: the 3rd Ring Rd Shiling Avenue overpass to been coachman: take 80 Road, 97 Road, 219 Road, 580 Road, 858A Road, 869 Road, 887 road in the street, Shiling & quot; Chengdu University "stop can arrive south of Chengdu Shuangliu Baihe Wetland Park Shuangliu Baihe wetland park called Park Wetland Park, features a word, big! By a combination of several different types of parks, such a big place, not afraid of not playing the. Green flowers, the center of the Lake Island Lake with elegant egrets, fish, roadside woods, quiet and beautiful green corridor. Although the artificial construction, but also a good place to relax on the weekend. The trail built by the river, walking one, may not have the sub special scenery, but more can enjoy the comfort of a Chengdu slow life. Of course, you have to rent a bike ride a ha, not only to enjoy the beautiful scenery, relax the mood, but also exercise the body, which is definitely the most relaxed autumn entertainment. Some will play, to find a lawn on a broad tent, picnic picnic on the spot, clean and safe, close to life in nature. Tips address: Shuangliu County Chengdu City, Sichuan Province Dongsheng Street tickets: free car: the Beltway to the Shuangliu, can directly drive navigation: sit 804b road in the Olympic Village Station, take 844 road at the Shuangliu Center Park Station and get off to the west of Chengdu Chongzhou alder Kazakhstan River Wetland park;相关的主题文章: