Beautiful Weiyang screen audience too into the drama Li Xinai called hot search (video) clazziquai

"Beautiful" Weiyang screen audience too into the drama Li Xinai called hot search Jinxiu Weiyang _07 > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch "Jinxiu Weiyang" Tencent entertainment news pain and happy double eleven at last, "beautiful costumes giant Weiyang" also in the eye of hot air. The 24 hour premiere network traffic break 360 million, 70 hours to break 1 billion reached a "good start" of the popular level, directly open the screen mode. Li Changle played the role of vicious Li Xinai because the audience was scolded badly, is on the hot search list. In the "beautiful" Weiyang Beijing TV fans of Chengdu Railway Station, Li Xin AI wearing a black dress to attend the meeting. At the meeting, Li Xinai introduced his role, but also admitted that in order to challenge the self is not objectionable. Li Xinai was born in Phoenix life doomed ruthless role often parentage, educated daughter, destined to have a domineering temperament arrogant body. "Beautiful Weiyang" in Li Changle is no exception, from the mother scolds cloud filled with "soft Phoenix life" of life. Li Xinai played the role of such a proud and conceited, unwilling to defeat the Lee palm beads. Before she is well versed in gentle and virtuous fancies of men of letters, I miss the Lijia, but behind the exhausted mind of every person to suppress the investigation and the threat to her position. Plus he was born with a good appearance, said Wei first beauty. Has been shrouded in Changle is self righteous, regardless of the feelings of others wantonly trample. Users are also on the role played by Li Xinai hated, commenting "Changle is too toxic to live, but the first set…" "I want to see the hit" etc.. Li Xinai challenge recruit black anti praised Li Xinai from acting in place women in "love" the roof into the entertainment circle, has been playing the role of youth is sweet, the star of Li Changle is a sinister role. Li Xinai himself said: "this is very challenging role, like my character is completely different, but we are the same, is simple and direct, Li Changle is not very good and calculative person, small princess from her life, she does not need to calculate, she has been living in the cloud when hit, so she will be more crazy, because she had no capacity." It can be seen that Li Xinai has a deeper understanding of the role. She also won the heart of the recognized by many users "this is the play really good" eyes "in place, good acting". Lee Weiyang in Li Fu, Li Xinai played in Changle and began her secret action, a new outcome, let us continue to focus on "Jinxiu Weiyang" the latest story.相关的主题文章: