Beijing Nanjing a 17 month old girl car keys locked in the car – in tsumori chisato

Beijing Nanjing a 17 month old girl car keys locked in the car – Jinling Evening News (correspondent Yu Gong Xuan reporter Xu Ning) September 24th morning 9 am, Nanjing Yuhuatai Public Security Bureau police station received the alarm of Banqiao Liu said, in the cell downstairs, his 17 month old daughter is locked in the car. Police on duty He Dongyun put down the phone, immediately contact the nearest locksmith rushed to the scene, and led the other police quickly arrived at the scene disposal. After understanding, Liu took 17 months old daughter ready to go out. "Baby" Liu’s car keys in his hand to play, who knows in Sharon will be "baby" in the car turned the car for more than ten seconds, "baby" but accidentally touched the lock button, then lock the vehicle. The spare key car in the urban areas, it is difficult in a short time to 9 o’clock, the sun is very hot, more than the fear of seeing the crying baby, the mother can not understand the command to unlock the door, Liu immediately chose the police. Police said, fortunately, the locksmith is not far from the Liu family, Ms. Liu was locked in the vehicle after death is also very cleverly taken some actions: poured cold water on the quilt cover for the front window to the car to find cool, small toys through the window to move the "baby", "baby" to avoid the occurrence of the risk of syncope due to car such as overheating and nervous fear, also won the precious time for the rescue work. Soon, the locksmith promptly contact the police rushed to the scene quickly, through the efforts of everyone finally opened the door. Rescued the baby at this time is the sweat soaked clothes, was immediately rushed to the hospital to check a liu. After the police once again contacted Ms. Liu family that the baby has no serious. Police remind the public that the child trapped in the car is very easy because of the risk of hypoxia, especially in high temperature periods, and may even be life-threatening because of heatstroke. The general public in the car with a child, get off, special temporary parking must take the keys down, take in hand. If there is a critical situation, may not be able to avoid injury to the baby’s premise, through the way of breaking the window to allow children to escape.相关的主题文章: