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Bending is nothing! Samsung for "folding" intelligent mobile phone patent technology – Sohu [Technews] Korea Science News intelligent mobile phone manufacturers Samsung for "folding" mobile phone patents recently exposed, this is South Korea in April this year submitted to the Korean Intellectual Property Office (Korean Intellectual Property Office) of the patent application, describes the mechanism design of folding mobile phone. The patent documents to see, want to let Samsung mobile phone like purses, can be folded into the pocket; although like the traditional folding mobile phone, but the patent is even a whole piece of screen can be folded, forming one behind the casing can be folded. The folding phone also seems to have second screens, presumably after the phone folded up, it will wake up the screen of the second. As can be seen from the patent documents, Samsung can invest a lot of effort for this type of mobile phone, such as the design of many kinds of hub for the fuselage bending, there are many folding mechanism design. Mobile phone from big to small, and then grew up, and now again by folding way to narrow again. Although the idea of folding sounds incredible, but many manufacturers are trying to do it. The day before the Bloomberg reported that Samsung is expected to launch in 2017 of flexible OLED collocation surface version of the mobile phone version of peace computer, a man named Project Valley, aka Galaxy X, but does not determine the design of flexible mobile phone of the patent is Galaxy X. Lenovo also in June of this year show can bend backward, hanging on the wrist of the prototype design of flexible mobile phone; Chinese Moxi technology also released this year can be like a watch worn on the hand of the flexible mobile phone. Source: read: (source: Samsung patent documents) for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: