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The car smell a week – Sohu car 2016 SAIC chase saving challenge finals was held successfully in September 3rd 2016, SAIC chase saving challenge Finals held at the Shanghai Tianma circuit. The regional champions from 33 City National Stadium in competition for cycling, saving challenge championship. The final G10 group and V80 group two groups simultaneously, the players were driving G10 and V80 in the whole 26 km of the road to chase. The road section of the road covered with dense road traffic and road conditions of complex long-distance high-speed road, more close to the daily driving conditions. In the game, the players or speed, or to the car, with many years trained "old driver" technology to challenge better grades. After 3 hours of fierce fight, the final score — from Henan division Wei Qingling to hundred kilometers 5.65L grades, V80 group from the northeast division champion; Qi Feng in the hundred kilometers 4.83L grades, G10 champion. The 360 anniversary of the listing of Roewe cumulative sales of nearly 82 thousand and 15 years in September, at the Chengdu auto show hit "fried king" of Roewe in 360, a year after the birthday, to produce a transcript — excellent year cumulative sales of nearly 80 thousand. Review of Roewe 360 this year’s growth history, but also rewarding. The car market in less than 2 months, is the first "Chinese good German Red Dot Design Award"; the market for 5 months, monthly sales exceeded 8000, sales reached the same level of climbing speed models of the 2 to 3 times, at the same time as the CarPlay car sales Wang; the market for 7 months, the lowest sales ratio significantly beyond selling joint complaints models…… Not only that, at the end of the "thousand kilometers a box of oil fuel consumption" challenge in the finals, Roewe 360 with the lowest fuel consumption of 3.7L 100km once again proved its advantages in saving, good performance eye-catching. The Internet car Roewe RX5 first month car nearly million for more than a month just listed new car, on average every 2 minutes to sell 1 cars, what is the concept? In the past August, known as "the world’s first mass-produced Internet car Roewe RX5 car nearly million, with the explosion models capture the potential of the SUV market. Not only that, Roewe RX5 listed less than 2 months orders had exceeded 40 thousand, also won the "2016 China brand car of the year" award. At present, the country had set Car Buying queuing phenomenon, many Internet users are directed at the depth of the Internet "black technology", sales momentum continues. In the face of soaring market demand, SAIC port production base has been souped up at full capacity, also in Nanjing factory for the production of wildly beating gongs and drums to ensure that each user can go home in the shortest time to pick the car. A new generation of proton potential of 400 models in Shanghai debut in September 9th, DENZA Teng potential in a salon — open up a fresh outlook at about · e to the new salon "with proton potential of 400 cars GLS models debut in Shanghai. Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co., ltd..相关的主题文章: