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Women spend 5000 yuan to buy back the price of jade was identified only worth $50 thousand-foldercure

Women spend 5000 yuan to buy the price of 50 thousand is only one hundred yuan jade identification value of the original title: Zhengzhou people spend more than 5 thousand to buy 50 thousand of the price of jade was identified only in the counter value of 100 yuan jade supermarket cashier to Ms. Zhang jade store gift certificates. Core tip at the end of October, Ms. Zhang in the construction of the road is located in the city of Zhengzhou a shopping mall, the cashier gave a jade shop to receive gift certificates, gift counter staff to draw. Finally got the first prize, the counter staff said the first prize can enjoy ninety percent off discount to buy jade, spent 5000 yuan to buy two pieces of the original price 5 yuan of jade, however, Ms. Zhang took to buy jade identification and found that the price of 50 thousand yuan jade market price of only one hundred or two hundred yuan value. Reporters learned yesterday that the Zhengzhou business sector has received many similar complaints, the majority of consumers are pumped to ninety percent off coupons…… Event: after shopping with a gift certificate drawn "ninety percent off purchase award 5000 yuan to buy a total of 50 thousand yuan price of jade worth only 100 yuan shopping won the sweepstakes eligibility, jewelry store free sweepstakes, prize and draw""! Worth a few million jade jewelry, as long as pay a tax can be taken away! This meeting, what would you do? At the end of October, Ms. Zhang, who lives in Zhengzhou, Jianshe Road to a shopping mall after the cashier gave a free gift voucher. Said you can get gift coupons to the mall jade counter, free gifts. Jade counter to find that the so-called gift is only some rubber band, nail clippers, small mirror. Ms. Zhang wanted to give up, jade shop clerk was informed: get gift coupons can also be free sweepstakes. The first prize in the counter can choose three kinds of jewelry products, just pay taxes, you can take away the jewelry. Think it is organized by the supermarket activities, Ms. Zhang would like to join in the fun. And let Ms. Zhang accident is, she literally a smoke, actually smoked a first prize. Customer service staff immediately exclaimed: "you are so lucky, the first prize this probability is too small, the winning rate of only 3/1000. Very rare!" Hearing the news, Ms. Zhang is also a little too happy to believe. Ms. Zhang looked at the counter of the jade, found that the price at 3000 yuan to more than ten thousand dollars. The clerk under the spell, Ms. Zhang picked a price "11270 yuan" jade, a price of 39800 yuan for the pendant. Two pieces of a total price of $51070 jade, Ms. Zhang finally spent more than 5100 yuan. Ms. Zhang came home, but found that his five or six relatives and friends, have been in the same shopping mall to buy a ninety percent off jade, and are in the first prize after pumping. Zhang later found that a lot of shopping malls also have similar sweepstakes, and most customers can get the first prize. Ms. Zhang grew more and more wrong in November 10th that a brand jewelry shop in the "double eleven" period can provide jewelry appraisal services free of charge, Zhang took his jade identification, identification of personnel said after watching, Zhang took the price of 50 thousand yuan jade, from density and material for poor quality products, the market price of only one hundred or two hundred yuan. Reporters saw, Ms. Zhang to buy jade only price tag, no shopping invoices Yan相关的主题文章:

China’s fourth geostationary orbit data relay satellite successfully launched-demonophobia

Chinese fourth data relay satellite successfully launched the original title: China’s fourth data relay satellite was successfully launched on November 22, 2016 at 23:24 in 04 seconds, our use of the long march three C rocket successfully will one day chain 04 satellite into space at the Xichang satellite launch center. One day chain 04 star is China’s fourth data relay satellite, and will one day chain 01 stars, 02 stars, 03 stars to achieve the global network operation, data relay and control services for the Chinese Shenzhou spacecraft, space lab, space station, space rendezvous and docking mission support, while providing data relay service for China, low orbit satellite resources, to provide support for spacecraft control. Xichang Satellite Launch Center since 1984 to carry out the first mission, has launched a total of more than 100 pieces of different types of satellites, created the successful launch of China’s first experimental communications satellite, the first practical communication satellite, the first international commercial satellite, first lunar exploration satellite, the first relay satellites, first thrust bound rocket and Chinese Aerospace history as a "one", for Chinese space launch to high orbit, to the world and made outstanding contributions to the deep space. The first 04 star and the long march No. three C launch vehicle, respectively, by the Chinese Academy of space technology, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China launch vehicle technology research institute. The mission was the 241st flight of the long march series. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章:

Xi Jinping the problem of cadres to Zhuazao catch small, saving lives in Beijing-tencent upd

Xi Jinping: the problem of cadres to Zhuazao catch small, saving lives – Beijing pedagogical, saving lives is the consistent policy of our party, our party’s historical experience of strengthening self construction. Since the party’s eighteen years, general secretary Xi Jinping on this issue has been elaborated. Party network micro platform with you to understand and learn. To save lives, to clean up the political environment, create a good environment of clean politics. To further promote the anti-corruption struggle under the air force "rotten tree", "cure disease tree", "crooked tree", the leading cadres being alert, warning, warning. To strengthen the supervision and management of cadres, especially the leading cadres of the party members, and completely change the cadres lost in the wide, lost in the soft phenomenon. March 6, 2015 — Xi Jinping attended the three session of the twelve National People’s Congress in Jiangxi Delegation pointed out the pedagogical, saving lives is the consistent policy of our party, our party’s historical experience of strengthening self construction. Daily work found that the problem is really strict. The punishment, punishment is the fundamental rule, is to cure. To strengthen the construction of discipline and discipline inspection work, hold discipline, hold power, make the efforts of cadres to high standards, do not make fewer mistakes or especially serious mistakes, this is the party organization of Party members and cadres of the greatest care and love. January 12, 2016 — Xi Jinping speech at the eighteenth session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the sixth plenary meeting of the cop sweating biting ear pull sleeve, January 13, 2015, general secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the eighteen session of the five plenary session of the Central Commission for Discipline inspection. In the past there rules regardless of the problem, the bottom line of the law does not violate the citizens as Party organizations and Party discipline line, reduce the requirement of the party members, the final result is "just before going to the bar, illegal violation", "either good comrades, either under the adverse consequences of prison order". Two amendments to the law this time, remove the duplicate with the state laws and regulations of the content, not to say do not law, but the law has long in the stand, stand, discipline is discipline, discipline in law, it should be said is another achievement of system innovation since eighteen. October 8, 2015 – Xi Jinping in the eighteen session of the 119th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee on the review of the guidelines, the Communist Party China Disciplinary Punishment Ordinance amendment of the draft of the speech, not good for small, small and whom not to be evil. If you start to bite ears, pull the sleeves, in the discipline of hand tightly, can let many people avoid illegal? In the past the formation of such a phenomenon, that is not the extent of the law we can tolerate, tolerance, to the illegal by him to go. This is not responsible for the performance of the party and cadres. In January 12, 2016, Xi Jinping in the eighteenth plenary session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the speech at the plenary session of the numerous cases proved that the party breaking the law, all began in the broken age of sixth". Only the very discipline in front, adhere to the strict discipline, discipline at law, in order to overcome the "section, illegal discipline is just to deal with the abnormal situation, discipline and control of all Party members. This time, we are serious party)相关的主题文章:

Yue Chuan Yue da! Julie wants to marry the British Royal Prince

Yue Chuan Yue da! Julie JoliePitt Sina entertainment news exposure to the British royal family, Prince Andrew married September 26th news that love, according to Taiwan media reports, Angelina · Julie (Angelina Jolie) and Brad · (Brad Pitt); Pete the Hollywood couple, since announcing her divorce from the moment of love become couples, marriage is also stand in the sun, all kinds of rumors flying. And in the future will turn to politics, exposed Julie to be the Secretary General of the United Nations, now more outgoing, Zhu Liyu with 6 children married into the royal family, the object is the prince! Pitt and Julie announced a few days of divorce, but the fight for the custody of 6 children has become white hot. Julie not only to move the children as early as 3 weeks ago rented Malibu mansion, even Sokolov, away with her husband cooperation third film "Africa", quite a tough attitude. And today came the shocking news, biographer Ian Halprin unexpectedly broke the news, said that Julie has to the small cloth required open marriage failed, so under the flames of anger. Ian also pointed out that the next step is to give up U.S. citizenship in the United States, with the children moved to the UK in order to participate in British politics, Julie. She served as a target for the charity that Princess Diane did in his lifetime, and was going to run for the house of lords. Ian even said that Julie not only do the planning for the future career, joint family and feelings are also part of the goal, she intends to marry into the royal family, has locked the 56 year old unmarried Prince Andrew for the marriage, but these exaggerated news have been confirmed by Julie, the truth remains to be verified. (commissioning editor: Camus)相关的主题文章:

Beijing haze is approaching Tuesday to Friday, will be the four consecutive days of Haze –

Beijing haze is approaching: Tuesday to Friday, will be the four consecutive days of Haze – Beijing Beijing morning news (reporter Wang Hailiang) the weekend encounter bad weather the curse opened yesterday during the day, yellow fog warning finally lifted, haze yellow warning continues. Blue gale warning issued, means that this round of haze to dissipate; "it", but the bad news this week from Tuesday to Friday, will be the four consecutive days of haze! And continue to increase. Yesterday during the day, thick clouds hung over the capital, the temperature rise is very difficult, only stay in the Southern Observatory’s highest temperature 9.8 DEG C. In the afternoon, the diffusion conditions continued to poor, 16, most of the city visibility is only 2-6 km. After nightfall, the air humidity increases, before midnight increased haze, visibility continues to deteriorate. Fortunately, from after midnight, cold air arrived, northerly winds increased to about four, the Municipal Meteorological Observatory is expected to this morning, this round of haze will bid farewell to the capital. 16:30 yesterday, blue gale warning signal issued, to remind the public friends attention this morning to the day there are about four northerly winds, gusts of up to six or seven, wind chill effect is very obvious. Wind accompanied by cooling, the lowest temperature is only about -2 degrees Celsius, compared to last night, the maximum temperature of 4 degrees Celsius, the temperature range of up to 6 degrees Celsius, the recent low temperature trough. The wind, haze go cold air retreat, haze comeback. This is the reality of Beijing’s winter. In the haze to celebrate the departure time, bad news is waiting for us, 15, a new round of fog and haze will be pro. Worse, this week, the overall poor air quality, will continue for a long time the fog and haze weather process. If there is no Hugh annual leave work, consider this week from the capital; must place to work, is the only old reminder, when they go out good health protection. From this week with forecast, from 15 to 18 days will continue haze, the sky is the same gray, sigh! The 15 day was slight to mild haze, 16 for mild to moderate haze, 17 moderate haze, 18 for moderate haze, local severe haze. The wind up 19, haze is expected to dissipate.相关的主题文章:

Pet powder! Zhang Xiaochen to please fans installed tide dinner entertainment channel -tamiflu

Pet powder! Zhang Xiaochen to please fans installed tide dinner entertainment channel — original title: pet powder! Zhang Xiaochen to please fans installed tide dinner Zhang Xiaochen Zhang Xiaochen Zhang Xiaochen Zhang Xiaochen Zhang Xiaochen Zhang Xiaochen the day before, just finished filming in Shanghai "love 2" shuttle Millennium Zhang Xiaochen installed a tide coming out of the airport back to Beijing, wearing a light colored shirt and blue windbreaker appeared his full tidal range, a gate for fans to pick the gift, and Zhang Xiaochen adorable and charming smile warm response, and the fans close hot chat. Subsequently, fans get a chance with the idol intimate interaction, in order to thank the fans for ten years of support, has always been a "pet powder" Zhang Xiaochen and fans to ride back to the city, please fans sharing a meal out of Sichuan, affinity. It is reported that "love" is the 2 shuttle millennium at the end of October on Hunan TV, and Zhang Xiaochen’s gang Lord "Jiang Shikai" from the shooting has attracted fans look forward to. This coincides with the September 30th birthday of Zhang Xiaochen, the fans also arrived at the capital airport to send warm homemade birthday gift, although Zhang Xiaochen in costume to show life subtly malicious villains, he is opposite a funny than the warm male + cold joke, intimate adorable and slightly artistic temperament, the other a lot of friends shouted "Adorable" contrast ", did not think you are like Zhang Xiaochen!" (commissioning editor Li Yan and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: