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Why are there so many super moons Year after year, but every year – Sohu news-3u8813

Why are there so many super moons? Every year is different but by mid – Sohu news media said, every other period of time, the news media can be seen above the term "super moon", why so many super moon? According to the Taiwan news network reported on November 14th, the Taiwan astronomical research institute said that "super moon" is a frequent astronomical landscape, the magic is not the phenomenon itself, but humans can use scientific knowledge, correct prediction of the super moon appearing time, it is more wonderful than the super moon. The Institute clarified that "super moon" is a word from astrology. The real astronomical term is "close look". Look at the moon, the earth and the sun in a straight line. And is that the orbit of the moon is closest to the earth, and these two phenomena, is just super moon. Simply put, the full moon on the day looks bigger than the full moon at other times. The Institute pointed out that the moon is in an elliptical orbit around the earth, a perigee and apogee. The moon – earth of the whole system, and revolve around the sun. For the lunar earth system, the angle of the sun’s rays varies by one year. Each year, a super moon occurs about once, that is, the moon is in the vicinity, and the sun is in the opposite position. From the earth, this is the super moon. Once a year, the super moon, is not necessarily the news, this is a mid autumn festival every year with almost the same meaning. Why do you say, "how many years, the biggest super moon?" Astronomy said that because of the elliptical orbit of the moon, is not fixed. The orbit of the moon is actually disturbed by the sun and the earth. This tiny disturbance, if you take between the moon and the earth’s average distance of 380 thousand kilometers, will soon become a vast number of reactions in daily life, is the annual super moon is not the same size. That’s why we can often see the news of the super moon, and this year’s super moon will not be the same as last year or next year. The Institute pointed out that the entire solar system, the earth is the only planet a moon. The moon is 0.27 times the diameter of the earth, which is far ahead of the other planets in the solar system. Although the trajectory is very small, but because of the diameter of the moon and the earth, the result is that the super moon looks bigger.相关的主题文章:

Qiao Renliang in the eyes of the media talkative cheerful, will try to cooperate with others (video)-sql2005安装图解

In the eyes of the media: Qiao Renliang will try to cooperate with others cheerful and talkative, Qiao Renliang (information) Tencent entertainment news (Wen Hu Mengying Wang Qin) yesterday (16) night, actor Qiao Renliang home in Shanghai was killed in an accident. Once the publicity personality of the "good man", will eventually freeze life in his 28 years old, and the day from his 29 birthday has been less than a month. Reporters interviewed the first time he had been exposed to the media, trying to understand as much as he said, "I want to be back to myself," the young, behind the spotlight Qiao Renliang. Good man Qiao Renliang: 20 year old pride cool the memory of Qiao Renliang a lot of people are stuck in the "good man" period, the respondents in the eyes of the media, Qiao Renliang seems to always be the mad pull cool rock boy. No wonder, when he was only 20 years old, fresh clothes horse angry. I practice in college with the term "hero" at that time, many people love Li Yifeng, but Qiao Renliang is clearly behind the Oriental tv. The game has not been announced, will give him a personal interview with reporters, Qiao Renliang had his sister was still in high school, and I practice together, said Qiao Renliang in the high school campus is very high popularity of the prince. He speaks very direct, very humorous, a look is a good feeling of the child. Everyone in the finals is optimistic about his championship. Remember the final night of the afternoon, Taiwan first gave Qiao Renliang orange sky signing conference, signing Huayi earlier than bobo. Just a few years later, he began to walk a little rock, and had poor evildoer style, all of a sudden not recognized. After a few years he played TV drama play more of the kind of affection of the male character is gentle not what the young. Feel his style has been changing do not know whether it was deliberately packaged. – entertainment reporter Xinxin ten years ago "hero" know him, that time is the sophomore, he impressed that when ye go to cool rock’n’roll, then a "four little" call, Jing Bairan, Fu Xinbo, Qiao Renliang, Li Yifeng. At that time four people debut, his popularity is really the top three, there are already very red in the two. Right now is "My Hero" for ten years. – a portal reporter actor Qiao Renliang anonymity: easygoing appearance hides Qiao Renliang himself once said, "good man" period of his special one bar. From the beginning of the 2009 film "nightclubs", Qiao Renliang chose the "actor" the identity of the continued development of their career, also showed him the other side. A reporter who interviewed Qiao Renliang felt sorry for his departure: "the brain is quick, flexible and intelligent." Qiao Renliang is my favorite one of the interview list top3, he is active, relaxed, friendly, high EQ, always gives the reporter to contact the material, many details are still visible before the eyes. The most memorable thing, however, was to talk to his mother for an hour on the phone. When the mother is what mood, dare not to think. "Shanghai TV reporter:" in fact, Qiao Renliang once told the Tencent entertainment reporter an exclusive interview in 9 days, and not strange, "he is very talkative, always laughing and joking. When the interview time is temporary for one hour later, but he was not happy, very well.相关的主题文章:

Temple No. two, 22 04 points tonight will launch the Shenzhou eleven docking – Sohu news-9c8921

Temple No. two, 22 04 points tonight will launch the Shenzhou eleven docking – Sohu news Tiangong two space laboratory will be from 15 to 22 when the 04 launch, this is deputy director of the manned space engineering office Chinese Wu held 14 pm at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center Tiangong two space flight experiment revealed the news room conference. Tiangong two space laboratory 22 04 launch Wu Ping said at the meeting, the mission headquarters decided, is scheduled for 15 22 04 launch Tiangong two space laboratory. 14 PM, the implementation of the launch mission of the Long March two FT2 rocket has begun filling propellant. Wu Ping said, launching Tiangong two space laboratory, the main purpose is to accept the Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft to visit, astronauts completed the interim assessment for the long-term resident, flight crew life, work and health protection and other related technologies; accept one day boat cargo ship access verification on orbit adding propellant technology; development of Aerospace medicine and space science experiments and space technology, space station technology and maintenance and verification. She said, at present, execute Tiangong two spaceflight system, space applications, rocket systems, launch systems, communication systems and space laboratory system, has completed the comprehensive training, before the launch of the preparatory work has been basically completed. Wu Ping said, launching Tiangong two is a complete space laboratory stage mission critical of the war, will be for China’s future space station construction and operation to lay a solid foundation and accumulated valuable experience, to promote the sustainable development of China’s manned space program, has very important significance. Tiangong two and Shenzhou eleven in the 393 km orbit docking Temple No. two, scheduled to launch in September 15th, the Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft will be launched in the mid to late 10. "Manned space flight and docking mission previously is highly in orbit 343 kilometers above the ground, and the rendezvous and docking, No. two and Shenzhou eleven combination operation and return of the spacecraft, is highly developed in orbit 393 kilometers above the ground." Wu said that this is basically the same as the height of the future space station orbit, the flight is closer to the requirements of the future space station. Wu stressed that Tiangong two and Shenzhou eleven manned missions, is the most close to the future track requirements of Chinese space station is a manned mission, is currently China’s space applications project is one of the largest manned flight mission. The test project application and technology of the whole task arrangements totaling more than 40, compared with a substantial increase in Tiangong-1." Said the. Shenzhou eleven mission is China’s sixth manned mission. The astronauts will ride eleven spacecraft Shenzhou and Tiangong two docking, plan No. two resides in the sky for 30 days, plus independent flight of 3 days, the total flight time increased from Shenzhou ten, 15 to 33 days, will be the first manned flight mission of China’s longest. Tiangong two is China’s first truly space laboratory Temple No. two, it is understood that the experimental class and class two class structure of C resources相关的主题文章:

Two departments clear toll road toll VAT Deduction Policy-gigolos

The two departments clear toll roads value-added tax policy – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing, August 26 (reporter Shen Cheng Han Jie) 26 reporter learned from the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation issued a notice on the toll roads value-added tax policy has been clear, so as to ensure the smooth operation of business tax VAT pilot. According to the published "on the toll roads value-added tax related issues notice", general VAT taxpayers pay for the road, bridge, toll gate, temporary invoices made tolls (excluding financial bills) the amount of fees specified in accordance with the following formula to calculate the deductible VAT: Highway tolls the deductible VAT invoice indicating = highway tolls on the amount of ÷ (13%); × 3%; a road, two road and Bridge toll gate, the deductible input tax = a road, two road, bridge, gate pass indicate fee invoice amount of ÷ (15%) × 5%. Notice that the toll refers to the relevant units in accordance with the law or in accordance with regulations established and charged, and the cost of the bridge crossing gate. Policy will be implemented from August 1, 2016, stop the execution time notice.相关的主题文章:

Expert the Navy’s three fleet clenched fist to deal with the future war – the military – People’s ne-jslottery

Expert: the three naval fleet clenched into a fist to cope with future military war — November 21 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Huang Zijuan) recently, the East China Sea Fleet China Promo online the latest exposure, emerged from a large number of precious screen surface ships and submarines to the Naval Air Force fighter. Military expert Cao Weidong said during an interview with CCTV, the East China Sea Fleet not only in the direction of the East China Sea cruise and training, but also the normalization of the high seas fleet sent training. The Navy’s three fleet also combined into a fist to deal with the future of large-scale information warfare. The East China Sea Fleet was the earliest and most heavily armed force in the Chinese navy. In April 1949, Chinese people’s Liberation Army, the first branch of the Navy declared China military navy in Jiangsu province Taizhou white horse temple was founded, in October 1955 changed its name to "China people’s Liberation Army Navy Sea fleet", is the earliest form of naval fleet. Since then, in the Chinese Navy from coastal waters to the sea, from mechanization to informationization, the transformation from the door to go out in the East China Sea fleet, a record number of records. According to the "Liberation Army Daily in August this year, the disclosure of the data said that since the establishment of the East China Sea fleet, experienced a total of 872 times the size of the fight, accounted for more than 2/3 of the total number of naval battle. March 2011, the East China Sea Fleet missile frigate Xuzhou ship rushed to the waters near Libya, to evacuate the Chinese people trapped in Libya to provide support and protection of the ship. This is the first time to use military force to evacuate China. In addition, the maiden voyage of the South Pacific, Western Pacific Voyage, are completed by the East China Sea fleet. Cao Weidong said that the East China Sea Fleet’s zone mainly in the direction of the East China Sea, including the Taiwan Strait, the direction of the Diaoyu Islands etc.. It is reported that the East China Sea Fleet in the Navy’s three fleet, the largest number of ships. The comprehensive operational performance is the most advanced "Chinese aegis destroyers" as an example, the East China Sea Fleet serving a total of 4 ships 052C class destroyers equipped with large phased array radar and missile vertical launching system, including 052C, the East China Sea Fleet destroyer total about 10 boats. In addition, the East China Sea fleet also has about dozens of various types of amphibious ships and a variety of conventional submarines. In addition to surface ships, the East China Sea Fleet Air Force should not be overlooked, especially since 2013 Chinese designated sea air defense identification zone, the East China Sea fleet under the jurisdiction of the sea eagle group has become the main force of China sea off attendance. In recent years, the scope of the activities of the East China Sea fleet is not limited to the East China Sea, in July 2016, the Navy held a large-scale exercise in the South China Sea Xisha sea, the East China Sea fleet also sent troops to participate. Cao Weidong said that the future of the war is the system under the conditions of information warfare. Our naval equipment development to informationization, to land on the coastal defense force, underwater submarine, air, air force, and surface forces to form a joint combat capability. The East China Sea Fleet at present not only in the East China Sea cruise direction and training, but also sent ships to sea training, and has become the norm. In addition, my navy’s three fleet also combined in combat training, so that the entire naval power into a fist, in order to deal with the future of large-scale information warfare. ()相关的主题文章:

The fact that no child is raised Guangzhou will be issued a security fund – Society – -caxa实体设计

The fact that no child     Guangzhou will issue a security – social – original title: the fact that no child will be issued prior to the date of Guangzhou security, Guangzhou announced the "notice" on Forwarding the Guangdong provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Finance Department of Guangdong Province on the establishment of the fact that no child basic life security system, proposed the implementation of views Guangzhou, child allowances for basic living security for the city residence of the fact that no one (hereinafter referred to as the "security"). It is understood that the fact that no child himself to the domicile of the neighborhood offices (town government) to apply for or by the legal guardian, legal custody, maintenance obligations, where the village (neighborhood) committee or the other principal to handle the application matters. Fill out the "Guangzhou social scattered the fact that no one child basic living security payments for approval form", and submit the relevant certification materials. Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau official pointed out that, for the convenience of the masses, I apply for children but not to submit proof material, can be accepted by the unit to take the initiative to contact the public security and judicial departments to verify, yingbaojinbao. Guangzhou City guarantee payment standard according to the minimum living allowance (hereinafter referred to as the "low premium") standards, with the minimum payment standard adjustment and synchronous adjustment. The fact that no one has enjoyed subsistenceallowances child rearing, the protection of the gold standard is higher than that of the family subsistence allowances per month security standards, the difference in part by the low gold filled, and according to the minimum living object unified payment. Since the beginning of January 1, 2016. Social security payments issued to the fact that no one to raise the child himself or his guardian bank card or bank account. If the child or his guardian has a social security card or other social assistance payment account, it will protect the golden hair to the account. According to the introduction of the object, the payment of security funds for the city with the household registration, under the age of 18 years of age, parents can not perform or can not fully fulfill the custody and guardianship of minors. Mainly include: (a) both parents abandoned (parents fail to perform their obligations for more than 1 years, the same below), serious illness (provisions, the light of our great disease medical assistance measures below) or disability (grade one or two and grade three or four disability, mental disability, mental disability, the same below), in prison (including forced isolation treatment, residual a period of not less than 1 years and above, the same below). (two) parent dead or missing, the other party, serious illness, disability or death in prison. (three) a parent up another serious illness, disability or in prison. (four) a parent in prison, a serious illness or disability. The fact that no one child over the age of 18 is still in the stage of compulsory education full-time school, high school, middle school, high school and occupation occupation colleges and universities (hereinafter referred to as the "full-time school") school, continue to enjoy the benefits. Stop case (a) the fact that no child death; (two) 18 years of age, and not enrolled in full-time school; (three) over the age of 18 years and is still in full-time school, after graduating from the second month stopped living allowance; (four) shall be adopted; (five one of the parents))相关的主题文章: