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Desolate soul room scheduled December 9th for the first time Zhang Yishan thriller show- Sohu Entert-luonv

"Desolate soul room" scheduled December 9th for the first time Zhang Yishan thriller SHOW- Sohu entertainment "desolate soul room" December 9th Zhang Yishan debut thriller directed by Sohu entertainment news recently, the young director Liu Shuqiao, Zhang Yishan, Su Xiaoming, Sun Yan, Fu starred in the suspense thriller "desolate soul room" the first release of fixed gear posters, the film will be officially announced December 9th National release. The poster, Zhang Yishan and Fu in the quiet forest in gold look frightened and dignified, distant villa seemed partly hidden and partly visible hidden secrets not to be divulged. It is reported that the film is the strength of the new generation of actors Zhang Yishan "more than" after the first crime suspense thriller works appeared on the big screen, the joint crime of "psychological" "pay two sin BOSS ends meet, but also to many viewers and fans highly anticipated. Fixed gear posters "bright hanging fear" Zhang Yishan thriller debut "boudoir mystery" from the film to explore the exposure of the poster, bright colors, exquisite fusion composition and horror elements intertwined, constitute a beautiful picture of Horror: mainly in blue color, with scattered petals of blood, a thriller accustomed to the dark bloody, screen, clear and bright, but when the vision falls in gloomy picture of the central villa and distance free light, and a strange atmosphere of terror was oncoming, silhouetted against the actress Zhang Yishan and pay the gold panic nervous eyes, seems to be showing a certain unknown things to come. It is reported that the film tells the story of a place in the villa in the story of the ups and downs, fusion works suspense thriller and action, affection, love and other elements. Zhang Yishan with sister pay gold play heroine "two crimes BOSS" to spy "desolate soul room" the same master and screen shock whirlwind acting Zhang Yishan with "Yu sin" in excellent acting powder absorbing many, has become a popular and powerful new generation of niche representative. In the film "desolate soul room", the incarnation of Zhang Yishan base by handsome undercover crazy cool handsome "detective", to find his girlfriend into a whirling "desolate soul puzzle"; and the main female star in the film is in the "psychological" crime in good performance for gold. At the same time, Zhang Yishan, was also paid out of the same door of the brother and sister, when asked whether there is pressure acting on, brother Zhang Yishan humor reply "big brother not bully the younger sister". The movie "and" capture the spirit room, the "two sins" of male and female starring, quite interesting. It is understood that this is the first big screen featuring Zhang Yishan thriller, when it comes to choosing actor standard, the director quipped "believe in a mountain to take the lead, the completion of a new role to play in fact hitherto unknown, from psychology, drama can be said that a mountain performance beyond my expectations." When asked why Zhang Yishan starred in "desolate soul room" when Zhang Yishan said the script is attracted to their own, "the script is not the same, very love, hope that through different roles, bring people more different feelings". In the movie "Zhang Yishan" in the spirit room and continue to challenge myself through a lot for the first time, hope works can bring us more surprise. The movie "desolate soul room" will be held in December 9, 2016 in full.相关的主题文章:

The last 70 years, the biggest super moon appeared-adobe gamma

Over the past 70 years the biggest recent super moon appeared – Beijing in recent 70 years, the latest and biggest super moon appeared in the new Houston on 14 November, nearly 70 years of the most special "super moon" 14 perigee, "powder" and attract global attention to the photographer. According to the NASA, the moon looks at 14% more distant than the earth at the time, an increase of brightness of about 30%, and the next chance to wait until 2034. NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission scientist Petro (NoahPetro) to accept the space network (Space) interview, explained in detail why in November this year, the super moon is very special. Southern Spain a castle over the super moon landscape. This time the moon arrived at the exact time of the perigee for EST at 6:22 on the morning of November 14th, the full moon time is 8:52 in the morning. Petro suggested that people can not get up early in the evening of 13 and 14 out of the home to watch this rare astronomical phenomenon. He pointed out that the moon from the sun began to rise, the middle of the night to reach the highest point, near the sun rises fall, the differences of the two night is very small, with the naked eye can be observed as the characteristic of the lunar crater. The rest of the world famous landmark on the evening of 13, the moon has been packed with pictures of the crowd, a "super moon" maxed network. The "super moon" is known as the perigee moon, a new moon or full moon that is closer to earth than it normally is, once every 13 months or so. But 14 of the super moon perigee and full moon time so close, is the largest since January 26, 1948, the earth’s nearest full moon, can be described as the century – Super – Super moon". "Due to tidal or gravitational force pulling the moon, the lunar orbit is not a perfect circle," Petro explained, "gravity of the earth, the sun and the planets of the solar system, will affect the orbit of the moon, just give us a chance to pass so close with the moon." In new network reporter Jin Shuo photo " src=" cnsupload big 2016 11-14 4-426 5e562c6ce7d4474d9fd34b92c7292234.jpg" title=" Beijing time on November 14th, Chinese appeared around the super moon landscape of the largest since 1948. Super moon is full (or new) near lunar month with near point. It is understood that the super moon will appear at 21:52 on the evening of 14. Photo taken in Beijing, Chaoyang District. (multiple exposure) in the new network reporter Jin Shuo photo " > Beijing time on November 14th, China’s largest ever since the super moon landscape since 1948. Super moon is full (or new) near lunar month with near point. It is understood that the super moon will appear at 21:52 on the evening of 14. Photo taken in Beijing, Chaoyang District. (multiple exposure) China News Network reporter Jin Shuo photo相关的主题文章:

South Korean coastguard cast the earthquake bomb caused 3 deaths but fishermen to sue Chinese

South Korean coastguard cast the earthquake bomb caused 3 deaths but fishermen to sue Chinese master data figure: September 30th, Mokpo in South Korea maritime police terminal staff boarded the Chinese vessels of the original title: Korean maritime police investigation for the earthquake bomb killed 3 people China captain against being sued Korean media said South Korea, the Kwangju District prosecutor’s office of Mokpo branch office 21 to "the suspicion of impeding the implementation of official crime special" fire of the murder occurred in Korean waters, the China fishing boat captain Yang prosecution, accused Yang suspected of "resisting the South Korean law enforcement, deliberate collision police boat xianniang heavy accidents". According to Yonhap News reported on October 21st, because Yang suspected undocumented fishing, refused to stop command "10 violations, prosecutors asked yang to pay 200 million won (about 1 million 200 thousand yuan) deposit. After the payment of the deposit, the captain, crew and other 14 people and the fishing boats will be expelled, someone involved in the return to the country after the trial of the South Korean court. But Yang refused to pay the deposit, so the court issued an arrest warrant, Yang will be tried in South Korea, other crew members were detained in the South Korean identity. Korean media said, September 29th at 9:45 in the morning, Yang led the rest of the crew in "South Korea’s exclusive economic zone Jeonnam Xin’an County Red Island 70 kilometers southwest of the illegal fishing in the engine room, the police to" throw the earthquake bomb, the engine room area fire, 14 people on board 17 people were rescued, 3 people fell into a coma and finally died. More exciting content, please pay attention to the public, "WeChat Tencent military academy"相关的主题文章:


"这个词霸屏了。 事情的起源是从广州市政府官网获悉,为了稳定房地产市场合理预期,促进房地产市场平稳健康发展,广州市政府办公厅近日印发了
来穗人员随迁子女,其监护人在本市无自有产权住房,以监护人租赁房屋所在地作为唯一居住地且房屋租赁合同经登记备案的,由居住地所在区教育行政主管部门安排到义务教育阶段学校就读。这意味着,以后在广州租房,租房人子女可就近入学。 好了,我们看看符合条件的排序: ①
来穗人员随迁子女 也就是首先保障对象是有广州户籍家庭,但是非常不幸的贫困家庭、无房户,对不起,还是户籍优先。 至于②和③没有广州户籍家庭,其实原本也是可以租房就读的,不是新鲜事物,国内很多城市包括北京、深圳、天津、成都等早就可以租房读学位了。 不过租房排名是最后滴。 区别在于
积分不同。 而这个
积分,就是你家孩子能否读上学校的关键。如果是名校、热门学校,显然排不上,那就调剂,后果可想而知。 广州的
"具体实施细则并没有出来,据说是广州市教育局牵头,各区教育行政主管部门制定。好了,在没有看到细则出来之前,先别过早点赞。 ——除非是打破户籍界限,打破有房和租房界限,真正的做到每一个孩子
问题是:可能么? 一线城市的教育资源严重短缺、每年高考有家长要求教育公平,目前一时半会都解决不了,所以本人并不看好。 有一种观点认为
会让一线城市天价学区房降温,使其不再具备投资价值。 还有人说:文件首次提出“实现租者幸福居住”的目标,这至少意味管理政策会积极引导,将租房作为未来重要的居住方式,租房的配套权益也将向购房居住靠拢。不少人就是因为要解决孩子的就读问题而选择买房。若该政策落实,这部分人就可以选择租赁,减少买房焦虑了。
广州宣布租购同权 别高兴太早!
以深圳为例:深圳的学区房价格不是炒出来的,而是多少老师和孩子通过考试成绩,实实在在竞争出来的,每年中考、高考排名排出来的。 深圳所谓“四大名校”供给极度小于需求,就会产生价值,只要是学校间存在升学差异,就是学区房的价格基础。换句话说:从过往十多年的经验看,你拿钱来买深圳的房子一直升值,更不要说是名校的学区房升值更快,百花岭一套十多年楼龄的学区房单价17万,算算升幅你买还是不买? 不过广州出台的《广州市加快发展住房租赁市场工作方案》还有一点值得关注:此外,还增加租赁住房用地有效供应,允许将商业用房等按规定改造成租赁住房等等。同时,出租人按照国家和地方的住宅设计规范改造住房后出租也被允许。——这个内容看起来和帝都魔都之前出台严控“商办用房改租赁用房”的做法截然不同,无论是
广州宣布租购同权 别高兴太早!

Taiwan, Kaohsiung invited 5 cities to participate in the forum for 3 months without a

Taiwan Kaohsiung City, 5 invited to participate in the forum for 3 months without reply comprehensive media reports, the DPP will be held in Kaohsiung, "2016 global harbor city forum" at the beginning of September, Kaohsiung City Vice Mayor Xu Liming 24, Shanghai, Tianjin, confirmed that Xiamen, Shenzhen, Fuzhou 5 city, so far no reply. Kaohsiung mayor Chen Ju said in 24, often helpless, "they come or not, nor can we decided to do." Chen Ju in the "2016 global harbor city forum press conference according to Taiwan media reports, Kaohsiung city will hold 3 days of" 2016 global harbor city forum "in September 6th, so far 47 City representatives of 25 countries, will attend. Kaohsiung City Vice Mayor Xu Liming 24, said in a press conference, the municipal government has sent a letter to Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Fuzhou and Tianjin in June, invited to participate in the forum of 5 city, harbor city, harbor city communication development experience, has not yet received a reply. Xu Liming said that the Kaohsiung municipal government’s attitude towards the mainland positive, friendly, hoping to enhance exchanges and shorten the gap between each other. Kaohsiung city in 2013 to host the 2013 Asia Pacific City Summit (Asia Pacific Cities Summit, APCS), Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin and Xiamen have a mayor and deputy mayor level representatives, and interact with the city of Kaohsiung. But the Kaohsiung city follow the pattern of the past, invite the five harbor city, according to the current situation and progress of view, seems to have met ruandingzi. 24, Kaohsiung mayor Chen Ju said at the Central Standing Committee, has invited premier Lin will attend, as for the mainland, Chen Ju said, "they come or not, nor can we decided to do." In addition to the Southeast Asian overseas, Chen Ju, also went to the European city to visit Shanghai, Tianjin, invitations, but Shenzhen, Fuzhou and Xiamen, there are no response. Chen Ju said that the Kaohsiung municipal government has been actively working with the mainland cities exchanges, Kaohsiung’s attitude is open, friendly, but also hope that the two sides across the Strait, a certain limit, together with the hand of friendship. In June, Chen Juceng said, if successful, approval, she will be the harbor city forum name, personally to the mainland city to invite mainland to Taiwan for the harbor city forum, saying "if there is more interaction between the two sides, the development of cross-strait is good." In this regard, did not mention the "92 consensus", let the cross-strait relations cold statement Cai Yingwen then also support". In June 1st, Taiwan media reports Chen Ju to the mainland propaganda, hoping to invite mainland city to participate in the forum but, on behalf of the mayor of Shanghai Sha Hailin to visit Taiwan to attend the 2016 Shanghai – Taipei city forum pointed out that Ke Wenzhe from last year had repeatedly said publicly that "on the" 92 consensus "understanding and respect", "the two sides of a pro" no problem, a China "argument; but they also noted that the Shanghai and Taipei city between Taipei City, is to get the name, group, which revealed 6相关的主题文章:

Pu Jinhui attorney wants to postpone the investigation schedule prosecutors insisted on schedule – S-roselip

Lawyer Pu Jinhui want to delay the investigation schedule of the prosecution insisted as scheduled – Sohu news according to South Korean media reports, South Korean President Pu Jinhui was appointed attorney Liu Rongxia 15 to the prosecution submitted a warrant, and suggested to delay the investigation Park schedule, but the prosecution insisted will act according to the original plan, no later than 16 days the park Geun Hye investigation. According to reports, the president is cronies intervention investigation case prosecutor special investigation department official said, Liu Rongxia submitted to the Commission, and expressed the hope that the prosecution to the study of the case of time. It is reported that Liu Rongxia is not formally put forward the request to postpone the schedule, but in order to prepare for the lack of evidence that the 16 difficult to accept investigation. In this regard, South Korean prosecutors said, still insist on the latest survey in 16, park Geun hye. However, prosecutors also said that if the president formally put forward the request to postpone the investigation time, the prosecution may accept. Previously, in charge of the investigation of the case of the special investigation department said, prosecutors believe the latest in 15 days or 16 days on Park Geun hye, and in 19 to 20 day of loyalists gate protagonist Cui Shunshi and former Chong Wa Dae for policy coordination Chief Secretary An Zhongfan, former Secretary of the Chong Wa Dae affiliated Zheng tiger into the prosecution. In addition, the prosecution has 14 to be called "the knocker confidant of Park Geun hye gang of three (in front of government publicity Secretary Ann Qingwa Fenggen, former General Secretary Li Zaiwan and Zheng Hucheng) were investigated, but has not yet found obvious. Chong Wa Dae 15 Park Geun hye as a lawyer to hire lawyer Liu Rongxia. As the legal representative of the Liu Rongxia Park, and prosecutors special investigation department of the president accepted the investigation place, time and manner of negotiation.相关的主题文章: