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Check in game 15 big ass "pioneer" just watch the best entry-level watch "pioneer" in the global scope set off a "butt" boom. But this is not "watch pioneer" of the original, long before there is a part of many games to customers as a selling point. Today is the inventory of all the Games in the 15 major customers need, please moderation. Hunting space — "watch" hunting pioneer — pioneer "empty" watch "watch ass" name that is not strange, because once the various game player was dubbed the ass ass. Hunting empty in the game among the highest mobility. The instant displacement three, a displacement of emergency escape and high damage guns and bombs can make people become a necessary hero hunting space to show the operation. However, the most attractive is the hallmark of the buttock. Fiona — "Rocky heroes" Fiona — "Rocky heroes" Fiona, vindictus in the role of the game. Fiona was born in the south, and silent few words, people never understand the real reason for joining kabulan mercenary group. She is good at using the sword and shield out strong defensive stance against attack and counter attack the enemy, when the opponent attempts to display the biggest strength a fatal blow, but has fallen into the trap and Fiona defense loopholes appear one after another. Lara – "Lara GO" – "GO", "" is the eleventh generation of women in the family of the Earl of the Earl of the family of the generation of women in the history of the world, and the "". So far has been the exploration of a number of famous ancient buildings, including the sea of Pyramid, Xi’an dagger palace, India temple ruins, etc.. For many ordinary people to the exploration area is difficult to enter, such as 51, Aleutian Islands’s Secret base. By many media as a "tireless exploration of the spirit of the heroine", and with a number of exploration results into the Guinness book of world records. Chun Li – Chun Li "–" Street Fighter "Chun Li is a beautiful ICPO (Interpol) special investigator. In order to be evil leaders attempt to conquer the world with dimension killed to avenge his father, she resolutely joined the police in this industry. Our iconic legs also attracted many of our eyes, but do not forget that she has a bottom ~ Artoria, Pendragon — "destiny" – crown appointed, arturia Pendragon — "destiny" – crown appointed as ancient Britain in the legend of King Arthur. Personality integrity, humility, courtesy, personality seriously. Because of the sword Excalibur inheritance, in fourth, the five Holy Grail War with "Saber" rank was summoned to the world. I am Wang Jianfeng, is my heart! Xia — "life or death" — "dead or alive Xia Xia" is a great beauty, instead of his brother Hayate replaced the eighteenth leader of the mission of the "women endure". But she is not for head position, but as for brother revenge from the family home. She endured as a violation of the rules "can kill people fled by fate, looking for clues and challenge DOA conference. Our, Hancock — "sea king.相关的主题文章: