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Children do not love to speak parents to guide children mother – Sohu incommunicative parents should correctly guide the Xu Mei children two years old, grew up day by day. I like sweet little two-year-old every day on twitter, showing the desire to speak. We are very willing to listen to her babbling. Maybe we don’t know what she’s talking about, but when the child is doing that, we should respond to her and talk to her. There is a friend more than two years old children, do not speak. Every time I go out to play in their own world, often in a daze. See the age of children every day chatter non-stop, and my baby don’t love to talk, mother very worried. Do you think your child will suffer from depression? I know that my friend is an introverted person, every time we come out to play, she often stare at the phone does not put. The child sat watching silently, looking bored. I advised her, in front of the children to play less mobile phones, play with her, to stimulate her desire to speak. Sometimes I want to touch the child, the child’s mother could not wait to ask the child to call my aunt, when the child is not happy when she started a little angry, let the children in a panic. Today, children do not love to talk, she began to realize that some of their own way is not appropriate, began to worry. Small warm is a very active person, but there is a time she does not love to speak. I remember that it was a very busy time for me and Paul, when I came back in the evening, I had nothing to do with her. When we’re busy scorched by the flames, she always came up ". At that time, because a lot of things are not done, so the mood is very bad, and sometimes even a small warm angry, angry. At the moment, Grandma had to hurry to come to the room to take away the warmth. The end result is a small warm standing in the doorway crying silently. This stage of the small warm temper very stubborn, no matter how to persuade grandma, how to coax are of no avail. She wanted to stay at her mother’s side, even if it was just to stay with her very happy. But she could not be quiet for a while, and then she began to make trouble. She stood in the wronged cry, my heart is not the taste. Carefully consider a lot, or will take the initiative to ran into her mother, said: "to coax you to sleep." Then she would run up and kiss me, and then hold me tight. Leave all the work, the heart to accompany, the child will understand in her mother’s heart is the most important. So she won’t cry no more. She will show her love and gratitude to her mother with her own kiss. I am glad that there is no more harm to children. She gives me a warm hug when she needs me. I will read her book will teach her singing, reciting poems. From simple to complex, bit by bit to accompany her progress. I will ask her: "Mom’s attitude is not good?" She nodded, then told me: "Mom, I know you are busy, but you can spend time with me?" I hugged her in her arms and said, "my mother knows, the baby is definitely want to sleep with his mother, is not it?" "Well, yeah, I want my mom to coax y相关的主题文章: