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Chinese satellite navigation and location services will end participants to create "three space" – Beijing, Beijing, Chengdu, September 30, (Yu Yu) the theme of "Beidou satellite, a world of" the fifth Chinese satellite navigation and location services will be 30 years ended in Chengdu. The exhibition, the participants demonstrated the China precision, China position, China time three space-time system. The exhibition site, Beijing Unistrong Polytron Technologies Inc showed "Hui farmers" Beidou navigation and automatic driving system of agricultural operation, operation circle and diagonal line operation and other operation mode for table form. Commentators said that the system solves the diagonal, font, font and other complex operating mode of automatic driving problem, to promote the depth of the application of precision agriculture. According to reports, after a period of 13 months, more than 20 thousand kilometers, 26 models of the tractor automatic driving system of the user test, won the 2016 prize for science and technology of satellite navigation and positioning. Equipped with "Hui farmers" system "Lyra chip is also at the annual meeting of appearance, the chip with high integration support L – Band signal receiving. In the absence of the need to set up the base station, in any place in the world, a single centimeter centimeter positioning to enhance the operation, expanding the scope of the compass navigation agricultural machinery." Chip developers say. The reporter was informed that the latest operational Chinese new generation spaceflight oceangoing ship "Yuanwang 7", with "Chinese precision" satellite based augmentation of high precision positioning equipment. This solves the problem that there is no satellite positioning reference station and mobile communication network in the sea, and it can not obtain high-precision positioning. In addition, with the high precision time synchronization and frequency synchronization service "China time" system service, accurate correction of Beidou propagation delay, provide accurate and consistent clock frequency for communication, electric power, airports, ports, railways, public security, finance and other industries. Unistrong chairman Guo Xinping said, the future will open the world’s leading industry resources, contribution algorithm, chip, board, all kinds of terminal and satellite based systems to enhance the core technology resources industry. The application of a large number of industrial development to innovative entrepreneurs to share the satellite navigation industry market". He said that the lifting of worries for entrepreneurs, the courage to start on the basis of zero cost, creating new models of economic growth, new formats. (end)相关的主题文章: