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Chongqing bid farewell to the "sense of autumn" continuous high temperature (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, August 30 Chongqing Xinhua (reporter Han Lu) 30, the main city of Chongqing is only 22 degrees Celsius temperature. This is the main city of Chongqing before cooling the high temperature of 42.3 (August 25th), tumbled 20.5 C. After the hot weather lasted more than half of the August, the "stove" Chongqing farewell "summer autumn is getting stronger". Since August, Chongqing entered the "burn" mode, the local meteorological department issued 12 consecutive high-temperature red warning signal. Chongqing Meteorological Bureau regional high temperature strength on August 10th to 25 as the severe level above 40 degrees high temperature weather counties for a half months. Among them, the state also appeared to break its historical extreme 43.4 (August 18th, 19). 25 at the beginning of the night, affected by cold air, the wind blowing more cold in Chongqing. The autumn wind blowing rain along a mountain, the local temperature suddenly dropped to 25 degrees celsius. The sun baked by more than half the "stove", it has "the cool days in autumn". 30, Chongqing and light rain. Beijing, the reporter saw at the Stone Mountain Sports Park, people are wearing short sleeved shorts morning a few days ago, many people have put on a long road; bus commuters also play a long sleeved and coat; Chongqing women’s beauty has also replaced the shorts skirt, a long trousers to cool autumn". Cool weather suddenly to so many summer facilities in a deserted house. This summer, Chongqing open hundreds of air raid shelters for people to summer. Continuous high temperature in August, so many air raid shelters daily are in a "full" state. But on the 30 day, the reporter went to the Longshan shelter, as the temperature decreases, the empty, the crowded scene is gone. After cooling, starting from July, the evacuation of the summer army have returned home. Beijing, a reporter from the Wulong fairy hill, Shizhu Huangshui, Chengkou Huang dam and other Chongqing city public summer residential concentration area to understand, most people have left the summer. "Now cool, the summer people have gone." Ms. Lee with a grandson in the fairy town summer nearly two months. 30, she also returned to the main city of Chongqing, the mountain has begun to wear a sweater, and the back should not reheat up, go for a period of two months, it is time to go home." According to the meteorological department is expected, after this round of cooling, extreme heat has been difficult to turn back". Temperatures in the future will be a slight rise in Chongqing, but in most parts of the temperature is difficult to exceed 35 degrees C.相关的主题文章: