Cousin Tea Restaurant – Sohu to eat and drink magicq

Cousin Tea Restaurant – Sohu eat and drink in Xi’an landmark lot – the clock tower passed countless times today found that there is a real affordable dining place! Hongkong cousin tea restaurant sitting in the window, the Bell Tower and Drum Tower is the eye lift. Excellent scenery! It is also affordable dishes, there are barbecue shrimp wonton noodle dumplings Shuangpin tea fried eggs are geographical characteristics of delicacy! Cousin tea restaurant is a famous Hongkong director Zhang Jianting. Zhang Dao grew up like tea restaurant atmosphere, but also regulars! Is not satisfied with most of the tea restaurant environment and health products, so the determination of his own business in the hit film "Hello cousin?!" Inside the "cousin" named for the restaurant. He spent a lot of spirit to personally supervise the menu, a new diners taste. Now the company chain involves dozens of the country, the business is very hot. Xi’an shop in Xi’an’s landmark clock tower attached to the West Street 48 intime department store 4F, sitting on the balcony can see the Bell Tower and Drum Tower! Cousin restaurant Xi’an bell tower shop Tel: 029-62502888相关的主题文章: