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"Cultural relics found Gyeongju Lanting Pavilion set" in this problem is worth studying tourism – Sohu second came to nothing to Gyeongju Korea red, can come too early, mostly mingled with green. Apart from the leaves is mainly historical sense of love here, especially as China’s Xi’an Qingzhou, people very grave together in harmony, the town surrounding the whole ancient tomb, this time, is not going to visit the ancient ancestors. Such a place, even if it is not deliberately digging, with a lift is a thousand years of history, gently exposing a folk legend, which is the most attractive place. Second days to eat, sleep suddenly last didn’t go to the Nanshan, but think of the next few days of the trip is also climbing, so at the foot of Nanshan shopping, according to the data "to Nanshan, not to gyeongju". Look at the map on the site with estimates of Nanshan no ten days and a half months also cannot stroll, must have a choice. Bao Shiting in Gyeongju, at the foot of the Nanshan, Xinluo period is used as a sacrifice and banquet of royal palace, Xinluo is also the heyday of the witness, the site now only one like abalone shapes Shiqu, the important thing is that Shiqu is due to a banquet culture in ancient China, Chuan said that since the Shang and Zhou have been called "Pipa" also known as "QUXU feast". When is the most famous, the Eastern Jin Dynasty calligrapher Wang Xizhi and a group of literati sitting in the winding canal side, put the glass into the canal in the floating, who will stop the cup who drink have to compose a poem, the poem is a long long set, for a banquet in Zhejiang Shanyin Lanting Pavilion, named for "in Lanting Pavilion". I did not expect the Millennium culture even in the thousand years ago has spread here, it is said that the Xinluo constitution Montevideo here often and his feast, folk legend had rise, Nanshan Mountain came dancing with the king, the last dance, the dance has spread, called "Royal mountain dance dance thus," when Xinluo prosperous prosperous. But here also witnessed the decline of Xinluo, Xinluo last gyeongae of Silla and concubines to play here, did not expect to be captured last Baekje soldiers, the king himself to the king lam. Now the palace pavilion has disappeared, leaving only the small abalone shape Shiqu, witnessed the rise and demise of Xinluo country. If you don’t believe love history will be interested in this site, if not too much interpretation, not what can watch, just let the trees add autumn rendering in a way, let the ancient ruins not lonely desolate. How can we say that in a foreign country to witness the ancient culture of China’s profound feeling is very unique, which may be a gift of travel. In going to the world: Global traveler, freelance writer, Sina signed a contract from the media, video blogger, sina Master travel game player, second shot, multi platform media, OTA traveler. Lotto columnist. As early as orange from the media alliance members, members of the China Photographers Association, five years after walking through the continent, the more than and 30 countries. < Sina micro-blog @ go world > WeChat public number: the world’s suzoushijie micro signal: 2795465449 QQ number: 119924709 Sohu from media: fast station community M相关的主题文章: