Custom happiness exposure posters Qiao Renliang and starring interpretation of life (video) diying

"Custom" exposure posters of Qiao Renliang and the happiness of the interpretation of life custom starring happiness _17 > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch the "custom" happiness entertainment Huace produced by Tencent, directed by famous director Xie, Yao Tong, Qiao Renliang law, Liu Tianzuo, Sun Xiaoxiao, Mi Lu, Miao Chi, Yu Beibei, Huang Man, He Minghan starring the urban idol drama "custom happiness", since November 14th broadcast, has been at the forefront of the hit series. As of today, the click through rate has exceeded four hundred million! In order to support users has been making new surprises, the day before the nine person posters exposed personality. Nine starred in the collective appearance, in this group is quite stylish personality posters, to the audience to tell the rich variety of happiness". Nine poster interpretation of the life of the collective appearance of the interpretation of the taste of customized happiness, the exposure of the individual poster, is the first time the show will be starring in the collective show of the nine of the top nine. The poster from the different characteristics of each of the roles of identity, lake blue tone shows men’s fashion without losing the taste of honey pink highlights the charm of women, in the "speed and passion" and "urban and fashion" and other aspects revealed their most unique side. The poster, outlook (Qiao Renliang ornaments) are refreshed andstylish. The items in the window reflect two career prospects. No matter what to do, the outlook has been in the interpretation of the speed and passion of life, quietly in the glowing heat. Fashion new show (Tian Xiaoni Tong Yaoshi), delicate face slightly upward, a new era of self show female attitude, also inadvertently revealed the deep accumulation of Tian Xiaoni years to experience wealth. Gao Yong (Liu Tianzuo ornaments) and Gu Jia (Sun Xiaoxiao decoration), two people in the poster are dressed in fashion, with sex, seems to indicate the coincidence of the future life of the two people. Tian Liang (Miao Chi ornaments) and the role of the () in the play as a "Shuangjing couple", the two movements coincide and Q Meng Meng Meng expression of the hearts of friends. The "girl" (Li Cuicui Mi Lushi), dressed in a red dress, seems to show a fiery heart surging desire. "The Devil Wears Prada" (Bai Ruoyun Huang Manshi) showed the woman momentum, Sue John (He Minghan ornaments), become more users in the eyes of the elite model. Different life can be harvested happiness rich content into a perfect symbol of the nine stars of the charm, but closely linked together to write a delicate rich urban emotional story. Rich relationships, twists and turns emotional context becomes the key to the fascinating. Another "welfare" as after the launch of users feedback, the exposure of the poster on the character of the interpretation is meticulous, no doubt let netizen points to the role of the impression "". Rich sense of the screen will be brought into the story of the user, the extension of the connotation of the interpretation of the interpretation of the story and sublimation, a symbol of the road to happiness. Every Monday to Friday night 8 points, please continue to wait for the custom of happiness, the continuation of the pursuit of a happy life.相关的主题文章: