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Diptyque night Holiday Collection 2016diptyque winter 2016 limited series together with designer Pierre Marrie created the diptyque winter night 2016 limited series, in ancient Japanese traditional drama "paper Yeats" (kamishibai) for inspiration, carried on the prosperity since the nineteenth Century Pollock theatre, the classic black pen painting woven metal effect for modernization all meanders belong to diptyque Winter Fairy tale. DIPTYQUE night diptyque woven a winter fairy tale for you. Go through the field full of flavor and light adventure, immerse yourself in the incomparable sensory experience. One winter night, the storm began to Paris, Henry was trapped in the road No. 34, St. Germain boutique. Under the dim light, Henry was near the window, staring out the window at the snow. The thick snow blocked Henry’s way home, and his family was waiting for him to have a feast. A second time in the past, he began to restless, the body also gradually formed the chill. Suddenly, he heard someone calling his name softly. "Henry!" An idea, he thought it was the roar of the wind. "Look at this, Henry!" A small paper jumped out from in front of the counter Pollock theater sets. "Don’t worry, Henry. Don’t be upset. My friends and I give you a show until the storm passes." Henry was stunned and couldn’t say a word. "Would you like to spend the winter nights with us?" The astonished Henry nodded. "Henry, please lift the purple curtain, take this for a while, you can use the." She handed him a paper side side of the same size as it matches. Henry carefully unscrewed the paper curtain, I saw a black mini stage gleam light: that is a candle. He polished the match and lit the candle. The ceiling of the theater is instantly lit by the fire. The stars appear, the flashing blue light shine, the emergence of a suspended small paper is as the acme of perfection. They have shown a butterfly like wings, beautiful and holy rainbow wings. On the stage, the little fairy Orchestra ready, waving tiny wings The brightness dazzles the eyes. dizzying. Small fairies picked up in the hands of the mini instruments, then began to nod to Henry smile, now singing, now dancing. The candle becomes more and more bright, also emit light and fragrant frankincense, elemene and clove flavor. Henry has never experienced such a wonderful atmosphere. Music makes him no longer cold, his face began to smile. The end of the performance, the curtain slowly falls. The air is still filled with tantalizing vanilla. A small paper once again appeared in front of Henry. Before Henry could speak, he handed a match. "Please lift the red curtain." Henry gently lifted the red paper curtain, took the red candle from the stage, carefully lit. Suddenly sends out a sweet smell of gingerbread. At the moment, a bright red theatre. Dazzling, all over. Dance 0相关的主题文章: