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Dong Mingzhu himself is a public figure: know some people say their "big mouth" – Sohu finance Dong Mingzhu lecture, Yujingsizuo Jinyang news reporter Wu Guosong reported: on the morning of 13 2016, Guangdong manufacturing industry development conference and the manufacturing industry in Guangdong province 500 enterprises summit held in Zhuhai. Dong Mingzhu as invited guests, made a speech at the venue. Not surprisingly, Dong Mingzhu is still a language surprising". GREE in Guangdong this year, the top 500 manufacturing companies ranked in the top sixth. Dong Mingzhu at the scene for GREE to start the work of investment, she said she would like to be modest, and the 500 companies in the field of coordinated development, I hope these enterprises can contact with GREE’s purchasing department. If someone asks for a benefit from them, they can reflect directly to her. Talking about the development of the enterprise, Dong Mingzhu thinks a good enterprise must first have faith, too much emphasis on the objective conditions of enterprises is not what the future, to continue the self innovation of enterprise development, pay attention to personnel and system construction. At the meeting, Dong Mingzhu think that the development of an enterprise in addition to challenge themselves, but also to challenge bad behavior. She did not forget to spearhead a peer enterprises, that the other side of the false advertising has not been effectively regulated, she also criticized the company to dig GREE, and said that in this case, to hit". And Dong Mingzhu refers to the enterprise, but also one of the summit invited enterprises. At the scene, Dong Mingzhu did not forget to continue to advertise their mobile phones. She said that GREE’s mobile phone is very successful, better than Apple’s mobile phone, the reason is not fully rolled out, because the phone’s production capacity has not kept up. While talking about her and Lei Jun bet, Dong Mingzhu think very confident. Dong Mingzhu also said that some people think she "big mouth", but she thought that some of the public figures do not say, who?相关的主题文章: