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Don’t hide your emotions, MIT wireless monitoring system for minutes to "see through" your heart – Sohu technology many interpersonal relationships will be mentioned in the article: it is difficult to truly understand the feelings of others. You know, facial expressions are not always reliable. Smile may hide the frustration and expressionless people may be the winner. In order to deeply tap the mystery of human emotions, MIT computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory to create a wireless signal to monitor the emotional EQ-Radio. In case no auxiliary from body sensors and facial recognition software, EQ-Radio through small changes in the measurement of breathing and heartbeat, judge a person in the end in the following four kinds of emotions in which one: excited, happy, angry or sad, the correct rate is as high as 87%. MIT professor and head of the project Dina Katabi predicted that this system will be used in entertainment, consumer behavior and health care: the movie studio and advertising companies can use this system to test the real-time audience response; and in the intelligent Home Furnishing environment, the system can capture the person’s mood and related information, adjust the indoor temperature, or suggest that you should breathe some fresh air. "Our results show that the wireless signal can capture some of the human behavior can not be perceived by the naked eye." Katabi said that she wrote a paper on the subject with the Mingmin and Fadel Adib he directed Dr. Zhao. "We believe that the results of this study will create a new way for the development of technology, and can help detect and diagnosis of depression and anxiety mood." Katabi really did what she did with her tireless efforts, and her company, Emerald, will use the technology to monitor and predict whether the old man will fall. So how does it work? Most of the existing emotion monitoring method relies on audio-visual equipment or sensors installed in the human body, these two technologies have shortcomings, facial expression is a name not reliable, and installed in the body of the sensor (such as chest strap and ECG monitor) will cause all kinds of inconvenience, but once they are the position moved slightly, monitoring data is not accurate. EQ-Radio sends a wireless signal that monitors physiological information that will eventually feed back to the device itself. Among them, the algorithm can be used to analyze the tiny change of heart beat, so as to judge people’s emotion. Negative emotions will be identified as "sad", and positive and high emotions will be identified as "excited". Although this measurement will vary from person to person, but there is an inherent unity. "By understanding how people change their moods in a different mood, we can judge the emotional state of the person he is in." Zhao said. In their experiments, the participants chose the video or music that best represented their excitement, happiness, anger, sadness, and lack of emotion. In the two minutes after the time to master the video in the mood of the five settings B相关的主题文章: