Double chin is also considered injury! Double chin Tammy actress fear how to overcome (video) ricky lee neely

Double chin is also considered "injury"! Double chin Tammy actress fear how to overcome? The yen value is almost everything entertainment to crown Title actress actress Tammy is also more and more, wrinkles, spots and blemishes by makeup and polished hide, let old into a young state. So how to overcome the terrible double chin, you have to learn a few strokes! However, it is no matter how "trick" is to conceal the cover, that is to let all the star turn pale "double chin". Do not believe, you see these usually beautiful to the stars, double chin is now a few years old. Fan Bingbing no matter where, at what time must be the most elegant, the most beautiful Fan Bingbing also has fallen into the pit, no matter how much of her makeup hair beautiful and perfect harmony. It is revealed in her casual double chin, and when success is caught. Perhaps you will say who do not have ugly photos, but only from the double chin this point, it really makes the age model Fan Bingbing fat significantly, showing a few years old. Zhao Wei Venice Film Festival Zhao Wei double chin in recent years, probably in moist double harvest family business, Zhao Wei looks more and more fat, fat a lot. So when the dress to attend various activities, often see her double chin, although Zhao Wei in the overall maintenance of the face above is good, then this seemingly bloated double chin was more or less let her blackflow work greatly. Liu Yan Liu Yan sexy woman portrait double chin Liu Yan face beauty full and full of collagen, like a graceful young woman, but her chin is instantly put her to the wolves, not very fat, is to create "micro whole failure". Joe Chen Joe Chen Joe Chen is the leader of double chin goddess in frozen age, although is the standard white skin beauty V Yan small face, but also to escape persecution and double chin, upright Jon himself is aware of a double chin is always their own short board, often in the program from black. Xun Zhou Xun Zhou short hair style double chin invisible double chin Xun Zhou as a 19 year old girl at the age of forty, but also with a small meat station with full CP, but once the double chin exposure, shrewish girl can instantly become tender mature aunt. S s double chin to give birth to the child, regardless of their own image in the big s, gave birth to children after it is but this belong to come to a successful issue, easy fat physique of her body and a fat face but can not close, especially the original thin face has become a round face, double chin is clearly visible. Nevertheless, s is a good mother worthy of respect. Gianna Jun Gianna Jun unveiled the brand double chin goddess Gianna Jun with baby fat, so sometimes a double chin appears not only partly hidden and partly visible, let her look a lot of fat, will make people feel a bit old and rustic. Look at the actress’s double chin, although there will be biased, but there is no doubt that the double chin will make you fat, old. Especially in this era of you to bow, mobile phone, tablet computer is one of the culprits causing double chin. Double chin cause: usually by submental fat accumulation caused by too much, usually old相关的主题文章: