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Eleven long investment analytic shock pattern as occasion layout Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Away from the eleven holiday is only a complete trading week, investors face the dilemma of holding or holding a long holiday dilemma. On the one hand, from the current overall situation of the judgment of the market, although the first trading day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday after the return of A shares, to achieve a good start, but Shanghai shares through the largest net outflow, lack of confidence in institutions, maintain continuous advance to lighten up two net holdings of information such as challenges to the holiday market; on the other hand, from 2005 A stock market performance in October rose, has become a high probability event. – capital institutions lack of confidence to lighten up before every holiday period, investors will end stock or cash. Reporters noted that in the ordinary small investors’ mark, funds due to lack of confidence in the market, leading to market as the main force of institutional investors has appeared to lighten up signs. Into September, A-share market is not smooth sailing A. Good buy fund released data show that in the week of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the whole week only 3 trading days, the stock index fell, the fund appeared to lighten up signs. Partial stock funds overall slightly lighten up 1.52%, 54.58% of the current position. Among them, the stock fund positions decreased by 0.61%, the standard hybrid fund fell by 1.65%, the current positions were 86.31% and 50.58%. Currently, the public offering of shares in the overall position of the fund position in the historical level. Among them, bank, food and beverage and media three plates were raised funds active relatively substantially opening, power and utilities, building materials and food tourism gradually reduction. Shanghai shares through the net outflow of funds, the largest single day out of the scene not only occurred in the fund’s body. Public information display, last week, the Asia Pacific stock markets in "black Monday", the Shanghai composite index was not spared, closing plunged 1.85%. To add insult to injury, the Shanghai shares through the day also ushered in the largest single day net outflow of funds. Data show that the Shanghai shares through the net outflow of funds 2 billion 222 million yuan, a single net outflow of new high since 2016. But on the whole week last week, although only 3 trading days, but Shanghai shares through the end of the net inflow of 10 consecutive weeks, when the net outflow of week total reflects the state, the cumulative net outflow of 2 billion 99 million, a net inflow of 4 billion 169 million weeks. This week, the Shanghai shares through the net outflow did not reverse the signs. Monday to Wednesday, the net outflow of 3 consecutive trading days were 827 million, 659 million, 85 million. Two cities continue to maintain a net reduction in addition to the state, in the troubled market funds, the two cities to maintain a net reduction is one of them. According to the state securities statistics, the two market to maintain a net reduction, last week, the three trading day of the market has accumulated a total of 863 million holdings, the cumulative reduction of 2 billion 532 million, the cumulative net reduction of $1 billion 669 million. The net reduction of the amount of the previous two weeks is more on相关的主题文章: