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Exclusive dialogue Liu Qiangdong: Jingdong do three pieces of business – Sohu science and technology Jingdong to do the business of the three, electricity providers, finance, technology. There is a strong correlation between the three businesses themselves. Jingdong all investment around these three do. Wen and Wang Yujia, editor, Xu Tan 2016 Jingdong is involved in the electricity business for thirteenth years, second years of IPO. From the experience of the summer short, to cooperate with WAL-MART in August, won the No. 1 store, executives transferred Gang, Tencent holdings became the largest shareholder…… Jingdong in 2016 and over the past 12 years, every year, is still an eventful year. This is the Chinese Amazon title of the company, the market value in July fell below $30 billion, as of November 2nd, and returned to $37 billion 300 million. Although this figure compared to the market value of $50 billion in 2015, there is still a considerable gap. In 2008, 2010, 2012 – Dangdang Suning, 2015 No. 1 shop…… When a vertical category of the category of the killer is gradually defeated by the Jingdong, to catch up, even after the merger, standing in front of the Jingdong only Ali – the Chinese electricity supplier accounted for more than 7 of the market share of the big mac. The Jingdong, with its own self marketing and self acquired more than 10% of the market share, apparently, on the retail, it still has a long way to go. In 2016, the market value of Jingdong in 30 billion ~500 billion between repeated like a roller coaster market is tangled: on the one hand, and look forward to it with ALI completely different models to blaze a new trail in the electricity industry; on the one hand, and fear that the more hard mode can persist. However, when Amazon and Ali were gradually shift our technology, finance, cloud services more profitable retail geometric field, more of the story of the future, and how to define their own Jingdong in the future? How to look at the market value and stock price of the roller coaster? How to lead the staff of more than 110 thousand of companies continue to run down, how to define their future. With these questions, Chinese entrepreneurs interviewed Jingdong founder Liu Qiangdong. And to a year of "double eleven", each electric businessman crazy holiday, away from dozens of kilometers of the central city of Beijing Jingdong headquarters in Yizhuang, the lights all night long. The night is long and the road is long. Jingdong is not WAL-MART CE: the larger the company, the efficiency of the problem is getting more and more urgent, how do you usually solve the problem of efficiency? Liu Qiangdong: this should be through the promotion of culture, and the construction of the system, it is the boss of the value of the individual culture, always determines the cultural value of the whole team, you need to make quick decisions, you need to set a system of system, for example, we have a rule that 24 hour mechanism, when a subordinate to any when reporting on the level, a level in 24 hours must give the reply, must be given to Yes or NO, are not allowed to mumble. Why 24 hours? Because the world’s longest flight time is 17 hours from Sydney to fly to Alaska. You have 7 hours to think about it in 24 hours相关的主题文章: