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Focus on the development of efficient management of the high efficiency of this journal published in Guangming Daily, September 30th. How to effectively manage think tanks? How to improve the quality of think tank operations? This is the reality faced by the construction of think tank. In the development report, the founding ceremony held in September 28th at the Guangming Daily research and publishing center of the academic committee and the 2015 annual China index system China think tank for the conference, a number of researchers for managers, in-depth exchanges on governance management and operation evaluation of tank. Efficient management to strengthen the assessment of the State Council Development Research Center, deputy director of the Institute of public management Li Guoqiang said: "in the construction of tanks, we should pay attention to the basic problem; in macro management, to strengthen the planning and guidance, highlighting the professional, structured, network and intelligence; the research results, to focus on quality, and strengthen the decision-making at all levels the communication layer; in tank type, to fully understand the importance of social intelligence, its location is one of the main force of social governance." Renmin University of China Chongyang Institute of finance executive dean Wang Wen think, should attract more students, the new technology and new knowledge to think tank management to; to create the world’s leading think-tank goal to consider evaluation criteria. School of social Chinese Social Management Research Institute of Beijing Normal University, vice president Zhao Qiuyan to the specialization of college social governance for example think tank pointed out: "the construction of tanks to establish a good operation mechanism; to build a professional team for service to the needs of the country." Think tank operation characteristics not only has the profound research university think tank, it is also confronted with talent, mechanism, function and other aspects of the constraints, in this regard, vice president of Tsinghua University Institute of conditions Wang Yahua put forward three questions: "how to rely on the advantages of running universities play the role of University think tank? How to build their own characteristics? How to play the mission of educating people to do a good job of high-end talent training?" Deputy Secretary General China and globalization think-tank Wang Xin from the perspective of social long for sharing experience: senior research ability as the core ability of think tank, pay attention to the use of innovative thinking; the talents as the core capital of think tank, pay attention to team construction; the exploration of self hematopoietic mechanism, sources of funding should be diversified; to enhance the social influence and strengthen international cooperation; AC. The technical innovation research center of Tsinghua University researcher Ke Yinbin in-depth analysis of enterprise think-tank features: "enterprise strategic positioning for diversification, overall research goal is to promote long-term development of the enterprise; the enterprise of personnel management system to maximize the value of talent as a fundamental principle." New opportunities, new challenges, new ideas, media and think tanks have many similarities. How to deal with the relationship between the media and think tanks, how to build media think tank, is a common concern of the media and think tanks. Wang Lili, vice president of the national development and Research Institute of Renmin University of China, pointed out that there is a fusion between the media and the media, there are some differences. Media think tank should build an international platform for the exchange of ideas, to build the core competitiveness of ideas, do a good job of ideological communication. Professor of public administration, Tsinghua University, Zhu Xufeng, said: the emergence of new media is not only a challenge to the traditional media, but also good for the think tank相关的主题文章: