Frieda m50s Frieda single row 11 crazy big promotion nrf905

Freda Freda M50S single row of "11" crazy big promotion since Ma created the "double 11 shopping carnival, every year in November will become the" legal "shopping carnival, everyone’s shopping desire seemed ignited, want to buy friends is no exception. So, in the November big promotion period to buy a car, in the end how much money can be saved? Next, let Changhe Automobile Freda M50S, Freda single row count a pen for you. Purchase tax halved last carnival, car gain several thousand yuan to purchase tax preferential policies to the end of December this year will be canceled, want to buy friends to come before this, because miss this trip welfare loss is the last bus, the white bill. So what is the purchase tax halved to save a lot of money to buy a car? In an official guide price of 57 thousand and 800 yuan of Freda M50S 1.5L deluxe edition as an example in the class, do not enjoy half purchase tax preferential tax under the premise, buy this car M50S purchase tax Car Buying = $57 thousand and 800 (1+17%) × (10%) the purchase tax =4940 yuan; the national tax, buy the same car M50S = Car Buying purchase tax payment of 57 thousand and 800 yuan (1+17%) × (10%) the purchase tax cuts (0.5) * =2470 yuan! This means that the state tax incentives for every purchase of Freda M50S consumers minus 2470 yuan!   and the influence of this policy, not only is Changhe Freda M50S, Changhe Freda all models can save 4.2735% of the invoice value. Do not underestimate this figure, count, each car can save thousands of dollars! Presumably any astute prospective owners do not want to miss this awesome discount. "Li" and "price" to M50S, Freda, Freda single row flash sale in addition to enjoy the purchase tax cut policy, the November purchase of M50S, Freda Freda single row can enjoy large promotional efforts, double blessing brothers War 11 shopping carnival season, up to you not to! 1 Freda M50S fancy send discount the first one: send! Freda M50S purchased in November to send 2000 Yuan decoration package, let the car decoration step second strokes: stick! November any brand clunkers purchase Freda M50S can enjoy the 3000 yuan subsidy provided by the Changhe automobile. The third measure: free! Buy Freda M50S can enjoy 0 or 30000 yuan Shoufu quota loan two years interest free preferential policy, let a car easily without pressure.   2 Freda single row straight down 3000 yuan in October during the event, where the purchase of single row Freda can enjoy 3000 preferential benefit to buy your naked cash temptation!   is this account you can find that the carnival in the country out of the shopping season, Changhe Automobile promotions absolute enough sincerity. In November to buy M50S or Freda Freda Changhe single row, not only can save a sum of cash, but also get multiple gifts, enjoy a variety of preferential policies. Prospective owners, are you ready?!相关的主题文章: