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From small workshops to multinational enterprises   G20 media package behind the "Chinese wisdom" — Finance — G20 Hangzhou summit media package appearance September 3 Hangzhou Xinhua (reporter Jia Xingpeng Xia Xiaolun Sun Yang) to Hangzhou, more than 5000 Chinese and foreign journalists G20 summit in Hangzhou received a warm heart "gift" — G20 media package. At the G20 summit in Hangzhou, many of the "made in Hangzhou", a company named "Hegreen (Hedgren)" luggage enterprises impressively, the Belgian famous brand overall acquisition of Hangzhou Tonglu Power Holdings Limited in 2011, as a native of Hangzhou enterprises. G20 media package, from their hands. What is the story of the Hangzhou enterprise? From small workshops to multinational enterprises from small workshops to multinational companies, holding high out of an unusual path of development. 1997, born in Hangzhou, Tonglu, Chen Xiaojun, led a group of workers began the business, to help do the bag brand processing. From the beginning of a small workshop, Chen Xiaojun in the luggage industry "veterans" battles. With dedication and love of the bags, Chen Xiaojun thousand is 10 years. Until after the 2008 financial crisis, the sharp decline in overseas orders, so Chen Xiaojun began to rethink the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. "Do the processing, is to help other brands as a dowry," Chen Xiaojun began to find their own brand. After careful consideration, Chen Xiaojun gave up the idea of the creation of independent brands, the risk is too great, the need to cultivate new brands." Finally the opportunity comes in March 2011, the famous Belgian enterprise haygreen bags into his line of sight. Affected by the debt crisis, facing the loss of a hundred years old, looking for a club "". At the same time, the "enterprise internationalization" has led more and more Chinese enterprises into the world, looking for business opportunities. From negotiations to the completion of the acquisition, less than 3 months, Chen Xiaojun led the force holding high, the price of $60 million, a wholly-owned acquisition of the Belgian was hailed as the "national name card" of the world famous brand bags. Has become the high Holdings Limited chairman Chen Xiaojun told reporters, originally purchased haygreen, is the value of the influence of the brand and the international design concept, "international brand driven independent brand." 5 years, haygreen rapid completion of the expansion in the world, the global number of stores has reached more than and 50 countries, the number of shops in more than 3 thousand, and stationed in Paris Galeries lafayette. The dream of Chen Xiaojun’s own brand, but also in 2015 into reality. In 2015, the high H brand you available, specifically for college students to the bags brand in the domestic junior middle school students, the product designer from Belgium, bold use of international fashion, considering the durability and functionality at the same time, taking into account the aesthetic appearance, a student book bag monotonous color black gray blue. Now, High Power Holdings Limited is a set design, development, manufacturing bags brand operation, luggage industry chain operations in one of the international group of companies, currently has 7 industrial companies in China, including 4 professional box)相关的主题文章: