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From the Taiwanese youth summer camp experience "exchange of truth" – Taiwan Channel – "in these 10 days, can learn something more than a matter of fact, many of the true feelings…… Although there may be some differences in the language, but sometimes, only one eye, one action, you can understand each other’s needs." This is the Taiwan Zhongyuan University senior boys Hong Ruihong as "2016 thousands of Taiwanese Youth Summer Camp Camp in Henan" micro video wrote. This is about a 11 minute micro video, won the two prize in this year’s summer camp essay, photography, micro video game. The afternoon of November 20th, Hong Ruihong traveled by train from Taipei to Taoyuan, attended by the China Federation of Taiwan compatriots sponsored awards from all over the island’s award-winning campers. "This is my first time to play, to see a lot of, originally only seen in textbooks on the historical monuments, full of excitement." Hong Ruihong, 21, said that after returning to Taiwan, spent a whole week finishing photos, clips, music, do special effects…… "Do not feel hard, but in the production process to relive the memories of Beijing, Henan". Quanguotailian sponsored by the thousands of Taiwanese youth summer camp in the "dragon legend? Chinese youth" as the theme, from the beginning of 2004 held once a year, the main content is to visit historical and cultural attractions, lectures and exchanges in mainland universities, increase innovation and entrepreneurship education, lectures and other special activities to visit Taiwan funded enterprises, so far nearly 18 thousand people attended. Taiwanese Youth Summer Camp began in 1989 as the leader of the Taiwan Anti Japanese relatives association secretary Fang Shou Jen said with a smile, now popular culture approach, young people don’t meet by drinking can quickly narrow feelings, "more exchanges, mutual understanding is the first step to heart". "It is precisely because people are interacting with animals, so the real terrible is not the so-called confrontation and conflict, but not to experience and respect." "We learned about the culture, the history, and the concept of life," says Hong Ruihong’s micro video preface. Maybe that’s the true meaning of communication!" (Xinhua Taipei electric ( ); commissioning editor: Yuan Bo)相关的主题文章: