Gansu Baiyin rape and murder detection history eight rengong Secretary relay 28 years (video) face gossip

Gansu Baiyin rape and murder detection history: eight rengong Secretary relay in Gansu for 28 years 11 people raped "spree" caught hiding for 28 years for killing women in August 29th, a small room in Baiyin Baiyin cotton mill Jia Shu Lou Building No. 3 layer. 2006 to 2012, silver serial rape murder suspect Gao Chengyong had rented here. During this life, Gao Chengyong and his neighbors often play mahjong. Beijing News reporter Wujiang photo – the heard finally arrested the suspect, the old Interpol Zhang Duan (a pseudonym) tears. 1988 since the incident, the Public Security Bureau for Silver 8 director, artificial contrast at least one hundred thousand fingerprints, hundreds of forensic experts back and forth. Several generations living in the "silver police serial rape murder" under the shadow of the police even feel shy wearing uniforms. The murderer for 28 years, the case has finally broken. On the evening of August 27th, the night of the old city of silver was awakened by the sound of firecrackers". "Gao Chengyong suspects silver serial rape murder case" in the arrest, the news quickly spread throughout the city. Feng Mingqiang (a pseudonym) from the Internet to see the news, thousands of emotions welled up, finally came". The old man is 85 years old, can not afford to wait. 1986 to 1994, he served as deputy director of the Baiyin Public Security Bureau and silver branch secretary, when leaving the case did not break, the burden of his pressure for many years. Heard that the suspect was arrested, Interpol Zhang Duan (a pseudonym) shed tears. To his surprise, the high Chengyong completely instead of their own imagination in the brutal and violent. Not just them. At the time of the incident, a total of about 250 police officers involved in the case of the police system, they are saddled with a shadow of life, work. 28 years, silver Public Security Bureau for 8 director, artificial contrast at least one hundred thousand fingerprints, hundreds of forensic experts here back and forth. Now the burden has been lifted. 1988 "white shoe" dead: over the years the vicious murder of May 26, 1988 in the evening, Baiyin Yongfeng street, female worker Bai Jie silver company at the age of 23, killed at home. In his brother Bai Ming (a pseudonym) eyes, this is an honest, obedient girl. Outsiders look, she is beautiful, stylish, is the factory Flower "white shoes". Bai Ming told the Beijing News reporter, the day after work, he went home by bike, alone to see sister, open the door, not aware of, the house was turned to out of order, sister’s trousers being scratched, fell on the bed, his neck was cut with a knife, the bed there was blood everywhere. "I was terrified, Bai Ming immediately ran to the nearby police station Changtong factory, into a door, he shouted" kill, my sister was killed ". Received the news, silver branch secretary Feng Mingqiang immediately nervous. Because of the small silver mines and prosperity, peace for many years, has been a long time did not happen so tragic murder. The police Zhang Duan (a pseudonym) at this time received a police notice. A door, he smelled the smell of blood, white Jay’s throat was cut, almost broken head. "The first time to see such a tragic scene", has been in the post of a number of years, he felt unwell. There is a bloody handprint Bai Jie left leg medial, the right index finger fingerprint is very clear, otherwise a)相关的主题文章: