Google launched the VR version of annywhere door it can bring you fun world cancam

Google launched the VR version of "annywhere door" it can take you from the earth play the tungsten wire net every day as occasionally whim only A dream can take me to find the legendary treasure adventure to a distant childhood favorite "Duo A dream", with big fat on any door the shuttle in the earth, different places, that feeling is really very happy. Childhood fantasies now become reality, or virtual reality. Google the latest Google Earth VR, users can instantly go to the world’s famous attractions, a list of local customs. Google Earth VR based on the development of Google, Earth was born in 2000, users can view satellite images, maps, terrain and 3D architecture in the above Earth. VR version of the Earth will have the effect of three-dimensional space is very strong, can let the user get the hitherto unknown immersion and put on a virtual helmet, stay at home, you can enjoy the world each big city and beautiful scenery. Google Earth VR includes most of the earth’s real landscape and street, just now support VR equipment only HTC Vive, Google Earth VR users can download free on the Steam platform, the future will also support VR devices and platforms more. Earth VR uses the 3D rendering technology, want to get a smooth experience, you have to have a HTC Vive, but also have a computer with excellent performance. The recommended configuration is given by the Google system are as follows: 64: Windows 10: Intel Core processor i7-6700 memory: 8GB memory card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980: 8GB hard disk storage space is down to "round the world" takes about 20 thousand yuan budget, rather than for moving!相关的主题文章: