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Graphics database company Neo Technology received $36 million D round of financing – Sohu technology around us, graphics everywhere. Facebook has popularized the notion of "graphics" (literally "social maps") to describe a person’s social network relationships and to judge the social content the user wants to see. However, it turns out that the application of graphics in the field of social problems, but the introduction of the concept of graphics to the business sector, but can achieve remarkable results. Many companies have now begun to introduce a graphical database to analyze and associate company data. According to Forrester Research forecast, as of 2017, 25% of the world’s enterprises will use the graphics database. Neo Technology researchers in 2000 to create a graphical database Neo4j, to help companies draw graphics and explore the relationship between different industries and use cases. Recently, the company announced the acquisition of $36 million D round of financing, the investor is headquartered in London, Greenbridge Partners, Neo, Technologies, Sunstone and Creandum existing investors Fidelity s Eight Roads Ventures. Up to now, the company has received a total financing of $80 million. Neo Technology is headquartered in San, California, USA, and has offices in Sweden, the UK, Germany, France and Malaysia, the company founder Emil Eifrem and Johan Svensson Mateo. Neo Technology graphics database is now available to a large number of companies worldwide, including Cisco, Accenture, Telenor, eBay and Walmart. Neo’s main product is Neo4j, Neo4j is a high-performance NoSQL graphics database, the use of data structure diagram (graph) to the concept of modeling, the data stored in the graph node node relationship. Nodes and edges are two of the most basic concepts in Neo4j, in which nodes represent entities and edges represent relationships between different entities. Nodes and edges have their own specific attributes, by associating different entities, you can form a complex object map. Neo4j is suitable for the different areas of corporate customers, including WAL-MART (to help them understand the consumer’s shopping intention), banks and government agencies (identification of fraud and criminal activities), scientific institutions (such as NASA) and the international investigative reporter alliance. Neo4j has now created the world’s largest partner ecosystem. Up to now, the Neo version of the enterprise version of the product and the number of downloads has exceeded 2 million 500 thousand times, including more than 200 paid users. In the current market, enterprise data management is focused on machine learning and predictive analysis. Neo from the graphics database"相关的主题文章: