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Guangming Daily: webcast, adult has the responsibility to do the demonstration – the media – Webcast: original title: adults has the responsibility to do the demonstration [news] essays, according to media reports, the school season, a broadcast platform, wearing uniforms three girls Wang Fang (a pseudonym) broadcast school, attracted onlookers. According to the disclosure, previously, Wang Fang was performing vulgar and pornographic dance be penalized, followed by a live broadcast platform. In this regard, the school said has been interviewed and advise the students, students do not support the use of live function. Similar to Wang Fang campus anchor on the network platform is not uncommon. A little extreme example is that a six year old girl at home in the answer to the question of whether to write homework, actually said: parents agree to live, do not have to look good homework." Such a response would be a little unsettling. Of course, many problems are exposed nowadays network broadcast increasingly younger age. When the "Red Net" has become a trend, when the "attention economy" has affected the minors, and influence their behavior, and how to educate and guide children correctly understand the network, understanding is not determined by the external world adult world? Means of closure, may be the most simple and effective air etc.. Moreover, it seems to be able to find a sufficient reason, in line with the community has always been the disposal of minors. For example, children are mentally immature, lack of life experience, the identification ability is poor, easy to have an ulterior motive for people and institutions induced by bad, if not to be deceived, steeped in among them, and also to form the correct world outlook, values and outlook on life. However, this operation is too simplistic, it is difficult to isolate the children and the world’s desire to communicate, and normal communication should not be cut off. On the one hand, as a new cultural participation way, live network no threshold, does not require complicated qualifications, as long as each person willing to be the protagonist, can express their views, such as "free", apparently have a strong attraction. In particular, for the current academic heavy children, it is a kind of participation, as it is a psychological release. On the other hand, the outside world is there, whether it is looking around, or random glance, it was impossible to get from the outside "temptation" disappear. And do everything possible to block, so that children can not see the real world, not as much tolerance, understanding of the mentality, to accept them. After all, in the information age, communication and communication is the norm, it is impossible to close. On this issue, any package nanny mentality, is undesirable, it is impossible to truly let the children away or isolated from the external links. Everyone has the desire to demonstrate and self realization, which is understandable, nor excessive tension. What needs to be done by the adult world is not a ban, but a guide in the process, and a norm in participation. In fact, it is also the general law of the mutual influence and infiltration between culture and individual, and it is no exception in the Internet era. In addition, the most important thing is that the adult world should first take care of themselves, take care of their own network相关的主题文章: