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"Chinese force — the Guangzhou Convention" behind the Guangzhou to build a new network of international communication center in Guangzhou in September 13 – Xinhua news agency Xinhua: China force — the Guangzhou Convention "behind the Guangzhou international exchange center to create the world’s important Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Jinpeng Wang Kailei on the 13 day, Guangzhou officially announced the 2017" fortune "Global Forum in Guangzhou. In recent years, the increasingly frequent international high-end conference rally Guangzhou trend shows that the Guangzhou conference brand is being established. Experts commented that, as an important destination for international high-end international conference, Guangzhou is becoming an important international exchange center. Behind the Guangzhou exhibition economy is flourishing, the Pearl River Delta, Chinese in the recovery of world economy play a role and potential. Guangzhou is becoming an international center of communication in the world as a result of the brand effect of Guangzhou." Time Inc chief content officer and fortune magazine editor Mu Ruilan said. Guangzhou is one of the earliest cities in the International Convention and exhibition industry, since the 50s of last century, the "Canton Fair" let the city of the South China Sea become the focus of world attention. In recent years, the rapid development of the international exhibition industry in Guangzhou, successfully held the sixteenth Asian Games and other major events. Guangzhou will also work with the world economic forum, held in early November this year, the 2016 Business Roundtable, held in 2018 in the world route development conference. Guangzhou international exhibition industry has gone through three stages, in 1998 before the market belongs to the stage of spontaneous development, from 1998 to 2011 is the initiative to introduce the stage, after the establishment of the brand in 2012. The overall characteristics of the early start, strong ability, a large number of categories, the development path and the process of internationalization of the city complement each other." The Chinese Academy of Sciences Faculty advisory research center executive vice director Wan Jinbo said. Guangdong University of Finance and President Yu Haifeng believes that the high-end international conference that Guangzhou has initially formed come in a throng, high level, wide field, multi form international exhibition pattern. The brand effect of "Guangzhou conference" is becoming more and more obvious, and Guangzhou is becoming an important international exchange center. With experience and the "prescription" Chinese awesome world economic recovery "GE, CISCO and other international giants have settled in Guangzhou, is the value of the knowledge economy will be transformed into the power of innovation ability. We also recognize that Guangzhou is becoming a new hub for international economic and trade exchanges." Fortune Global Forum executive director Ni Demu explained the reasons for the forum settled. In the "Guangzhou Convention" has attracted the attention of the world at the same time, Guangzhou in recent years to promote the supply side reform, optimize and upgrade the industrial structure, the private investment contrarian growth, international shipping, aviation, science and technology innovation "three hubs" construction effect is obvious. "Today Guangzhou is China Unicom world hub, with world-class harbor, airport, railway and port information port. Container liner route 168, connecting the world’s more than and 100 countries and regions of the more than and 400 ports, Baiyun Airport opened international and regional routes of the 136, access to the world’s five continents." Guangzhou vice mayor Cai Zhaolin said. "Guangzhou.相关的主题文章: